Whipping Up Terengganu Dishes at Gamelan Restaurant

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If there’s one thing all Malaysians can agree on, it is that our nation serves the best food! In fact, we are ready to argue with anyone who declares otherwise. Malaysians are truly blessed to be spoilt by the array of delicious local delicacies. When it comes to local food, we already have a multitude of options ranging from Kelantanese to Sarawakian. Therefore, if you are searching for a place that serves authentic Terengganu food, you are in for a treat at Gamelan Restaurant.

About Gamelan Restaurant

They are a Malaysian restaurant that specializes in authentic Terengganu Dish and other amazingly delicious Traditional Malaysian dish from all over the continent. Originally established in 2013, their specialty include:

  1. Nasi Dagang Terengganu – Terengganu Nasi Dagang is quite hard to find in KL. Terengganu nasi dagang differs from the Kelantanese one in that it uses white sticky rice. It’s not as glutinous but still has that nutty, creamy flavour the dish is famous for. And because it doesn’t use red pulut, it’s less chewy. It’s served with a lovely gulai tongkol (bonito) and some tart acar.
  2. Laksa Terengganu – Their laksa Terengganu broth is rich with fish and is served with long beans, taugeh, and a touch of hot sambal. Their Laksa Terengganu Kuah Merah has gained quite some followers with people even coming from Ampang to grab a bite.
  3. Nasi Kerabu – Their Nasi Kerabu is served with either ikan sadur (deep fried, battered fish), ayam goring rempah or ayam percik, with crackers, pickles and other salads.
    Image credit: Gamelan Restaurant

Dishes That Will Excite Your Tastebuds

What makes their restaurant so special is that their food is their strength. The recipes are old Istana recipes passed down from generation to generation. Furthermore, it is difficult to get a good Terengganu style Nasi Dagang in KL. They are confident they are one of the best Terengganu delicacies provider out there.

In addition, they have over 40 side dishes and traditional dishes serve daily which includes Asam Pedas, Patin Tempoyak, Singgang Ikan just to name a few. What captures customers attention the most is that they serve up to 14 different kinds of freshly cook vegetables dishes daily which includes Sabah vege, pucuk paku etc.

Image credit: Gamelan Restaurant

Origin of Gamelan Restaurant

Run by Tengku Norzihan Tengku Muda (fondly called Tengku Jie), she has always been passionate about cooking. She learns how to cook from her late aunt who came to stay with her for 16 years, who is well versed in the field of cooking especially the Traditional Terengganu cuisine. Knowing the fact that Tengku jie likes cooking, her husband Othman wanted to utilize her skill that she have developed over the years. Hence, they decided to take the risk and start a restaurant business.

Gamelan was choose because just like the Penyu, Songket and Batik. Gamelan represents Terengganu as well. It came from Java but was made famous in Malaya by the Terengganu royalties. Just like the harmonious ensemble of instruments, skills, and emotions that make gamelan. Their food consists of the right ingredients, technique and feelings to produce the consistence flavors cherished by all.

Image credit: Gamelan Restaurant

The Love of Terengganu Dishes

They ala carte menu serve from 1pm onwards. Their best seller includes Nasi Goreng Gamelan, Nasi Goreng Kampung, and our Mee Bandung. For breakfast and tea time, they serve Roti Jala, Lempeng, and Roti Bom serve with curry chicken, and Lontong. Additionally, they have all sorts of traditional Malaysian Kuih-Muih during these hours.  They source  Keropok and Keropok Lekor all the way from Terengganu and it is available all day.

Ultimately, they aim to expand with 2 or 3 more outlets around the Klang Valley. However, their main goal is to move forward as a restaurant that promotes Malaysian heritage and tradition that has been lost in time such as Gamelan or Batik. Also not forgetting to expose the younger generation to the taste of Terengganu and other traditional Malay dishes.

Image credit: Gamelan Restaurant

“We believe in consistency, good quality food, and great service.

Our dishes may be common but the recipes are what make them so uniquely special.”

– Gamelan Restaurant

Pick up some Terengganu dishes at Gamelan Restaurant: