Singapore’s Top 10 Local Fashion Brands

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands
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As much as we all love to watch international catwalks to enjoy the latest fashion trends, there’s something to be said about local glamour too. And Singapore has no shortage of this, with many local designers who’ve made their mark in the fashion industry for their originality. Support some Singaporean designers and check out Singapore’s Top 10 Local Fashion Brands.

1) Benjamin Barker

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Benjamin Barker

Gentlemen, if you’ve ever wanted to steal the style of the many dapper men of Hollywood, Benjamin Barker should be on your shopping visit list. There are currently ten outlets all over Singapore, where you will find everything from casual wear to blazers and suit trousers. Check out their online lookbook to find inspiration for your next look. | FB: BenjaminBarkerStore | IG: @benjaminbarkerstore

2) Collate The Label

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Collate The Label

Simple and chic, Collate The Label knows their image and they’re sticking to it. You’ll find modern cuts in neutral shades, and understated glamour. From jumpsuits to dresses, the ladies wear here can take you from the workplace to Happy Hour, without any trouble at all. Shop via their website to have some well-designed glam delivered to your doorstep. | FB: collatethelabel | IG: @collatethelabel

3) Aijek

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Aijek

Self-taught designer Danelle Woo is the brains behind Aijek, and her aesthetic mainly consists of easy and effortless designs made from natural fibers such as silk. The result? Timeless, feminine outfits that will never go out of style. Whether you like to play it safe or dress to kill, there will be something up your alley here. | FB: Aijek | IG: @aijek_official

4) Beyond The Vines

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Beyond The Vines

This womenswear label likes to play with the dichotomy of fashion, merging bold silhouettes with soft shades, for example. Still, the main idea is to have designs to suit the everyday woman – whether it’s for work or play. It’s up to you to take it up a notch with your own personal style. Their items can be purchased online. | FB: beyondthevines | IG: @beyondthevines


Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Dzojchen

East meets West with Dzojchen, inspired by owner Chelsea Scott-Blackhall’s own mixed heritage (she’s of Singaporean and British descent). In finding a sense of balance within this dichotomy, there has to be a sense of individuality – which is evident in the brand’s handiwork. They have collections for men and women. | FB: dzojchen | IG: @dzojchen

6) Stolen

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Stolen

“Architecture and the feminine allure” – that’s what Stolen is all about. It’s not really that unusual, after all, designer Elyn Wong has a background in Visual Communication. Her keen eye lends itself to an authentic and original look for the brand, considering the artistic impact of clothing. Sexy, sleek and sophisticated, you’ll be the belle of any ball with an item from Stolen. | FB: stolenstolen | IG: @stolenstolen

7) Mae Pang

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Mae Pang

Only the funky need apply. Those who march to the beat of their own drummer will certainly enjo what Mae Pang has to offer, and that’s a whole lot of quirkiness. Take a walk on the wild side, with prints, bold colours, and glitter, of course! Mae Pang’s designs exude stylishness without being overbearing – making this brand the perfect choice for those who want to try something different. | FB: MAE PANG | IG: @maepang

8) Mash-Up

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Mash-Up

Calling all millennials and hipsters, this one’s the brand for you. Founded by a group of LASALLE College of the Arts fashion graduates who share a love for music, partying and fashion, you can bet their designs will be the epitome of cool. Their street-wear takes inspiration from many things, like pop culture and ethnic heritage. They also make an effort to recreate new items out of existing garments – hence the name mash-up. | FB: WHATAMASHUP | IG: @whatamashup

9) Ong Shunmugam

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Ong Shunmugam

This stunning sartorial tribute to South East Asian culture takes inspiration from the past to create timeless garments that will stand the test of time. If you like the look of vintage dresses, you’ll love their modern take on the classics. Their products are exclusive – sold only through their atelier, website and gallery, with limited pieces per collection. | FB: OngShunmugam | IG: @ongshunmugam

10) Depression

Singapore's Top 10 Local Fashion Brands Depression

Who says Goth is dead? At Depression, it’s a way of life, taking inspiration from gothic, punk and street styles and melding these with distinctly Asian concepts. Creatures of the night, flock here to find your black ensembles and show everyone that style doesn’t require all the colours of the rainbow. Shop for their items online. | FB: DEPRESSION.label | IG: @depression_official

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