MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup Transforms You Into The Most Beautiful Bride

MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup
Image Credit: MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

In the modern era, almost everyone who’s interested can do their own makeup. While everyday makeup is easy enough to handle, bridal makeup is a different story altogether. Not only do you want to look your best, but there’s also your hair to worry about, and probably a long list of other things you actually have to do on your wedding day. And that’s where MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup steps in as your fairy godmother, transforming you into the most beautiful bride with ease!

About MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

Christine, the founder of MGOLD, set up the company back in 2008, and she has been in the industry for 13 years. As her husband is a hairdresser, they decided to launch a company providing a full range of beauty services. Besides makeup services, they also provide semi-permanent embroidery, beauty, slimming, hairdressing and manicure services.

Image Credit: MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

A Calling Since Young

Ever since she was a child, Christine has always been interested in colourful makeup. She knew that she wanted to pursue makeup, but her mother objected. Despite the objections, her mother still signed Christine up for a makeup course anyway, and the rest, as they say, is history. At 20 years old, Christine embarked on her journey in the makeup industry, and never looked back. Today, she leads a team of professional staff providing various beauty and makeup services at MGOLD.

Image Credit: MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

A One-Stop Service Centre

As a company with several trained, professional staff specialising in various beauty and makeup services, Christine prides herself as a one-stop centre for all things beauty. They focus mostly on high-end, classic makeup and hairstyles, and each staff has professional experience and impeccable technique. As it is, they are always busy, and one of Christine’s challenges is always training more makeup artists, beauticians and hairstylists to join them. Despite it all, Christine has a great time, as she is doing what she loves best. When she sees happy, confident brides and customers, all the hard work is definitely worth it!

Image Credit: MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

More Beauty Everywhere

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone, and plenty of brides have had to cancel/postpone their weddings. However, in the near future, Christine hopes that MGOLD can become a full-fledged training institution, and also hopes to set up new branches and expand their operations. They are located in Bukit Indah, Johor, and get a number of Singaporean customers, apart from the locals. Most notably recently, they were voted #1 on our Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists in Johor Bahru list!

Image Credit: MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

“Persistence and not giving up, courage to innovate and challenge new things.” – MGOLD Professional Bridal Makeup

To view MGOLD’s makeup looks, visit their Facebook page at @MGOLD.BRIDAL!