Les Fleurs 22 Provides An Everlasting Gift To Loved Ones

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Nothing makes a girl feel more special than receiving flowers. Not only do they instantly lift spirits, they will also brighten up the space and atmosphere of the room. However, flowers can get a bit pricey (especially the imported ones), given the short lifespan. Here is a trick to make the biggest bang for your buck: Preserved flowers! Les Fleurs 22 promises to provide high quality preserved flowers that can last up to a year to express your love.

About Les Fleurs 22

They are a florist based in Klang which specializes in preserved flowers. Their aim is to produce gifts that are everlasting and valuable. Some of the products that they offer include herbariums, centerpieces, bouquets, glass domes, frame arts, resin pendants and many more.

Image credit: Les Fleurs 22

Products and Works Offered

Herbarium – Breaking the idea that herbariums should typically consist of pressed and dried flowers, they place the flowers into jars, preserving them in a kind of preserving liquid that allows the flowers to maintain their shape and appearance for a long period of time. In addition, they also term it as a healing flower as it can calm a person’s mind by just looking at it and see the flower float.

Furthermore, they usually do customization where customers provide more information of their colour preference or occasion so they can customise a unique product for their special someone.

Image credit: Les Fleurs 22

Spreading The Joy Of Preserved Flowers

Les Fleurs 22 are a small group who loves flowers and have great passion to create more unique art pieces. It all started when the founder received a pot of preserved flowers, during which she got really excited and fell in love with it. The beauty of it is what an artificial flower cannot achieve. They strongly believe preserved flowers are suitable for all customers as flowers are one of the gifts that can never go wrong.

Image credit: Les Fleurs 22

Expanding Services That Suit All Ages

Les Fleurs 22 is working on increasing their brand awareness. In the near future, they aim to open some classes for those who like to learn about preserved flowers as they do receive many enquiries for children and adult classes. In addition, they will also try to come up with other products like home made soaps, candles and others.

Image credit: Les Fleurs 22

“We create everlasting gifts for people who deserve it.”

– Les Fleurs 22

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