Top 10 Sandwich Shops in Singapore

Top 10 Sandwich Shops in Singapore
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Sandwiches don’t just have to be the usual suspects i.e. ham and cheese slapped in between pieces of bread. Depending on where you go, you can get different kinds of sandwiches that are more interesting than your usual variety! Ingredients and fillings are varied, consisting of everything from beef brisket to smoked ham and avocado slices. So, if you are up for some hearty sandwiches, here’s the Top 10 Sandwich Shops in Singapore!



Bored of the same old sandwiches? How about trying Cuban-style pressed sandwiches for a change? Here, chef Sanny Abdul Salem offers hearty meat sandwiches including the signature Pulled Beef Brisket and Ribeye Cheesesteak — all of which is served in grilled bread with chubby chips on the side. For the former, the beef brisket is slow-cooked for 8 hours in EL CUBANOS’ secret homemade sauce — a result that gives the sandwich all the subtle juiciness and tenderness of the meat. And what’s more, you have the option to add mushrooms or spicy rendang for just a fraction of the price.

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2) Löwe’f


Family-owned Löwe’f prides itself in using only natural and high-quality ingredients for their handcrafted bread. They even go as far as making all the fillings and sauces from scratch with no preservatives whatsoever. They have a few sandwiches to choose from here, namely the Hae Bee Hiam Melt — homemade hae bee hiam (spicy shrimp floss) stuffed between the whole wheat Pullman bread with caramelised onions, avocado and Emmental (Swiss cheese). Not into meaty sandwiches? Löwe’f got you covered with this particular vegetarian option (Avo Toastie), a combination of avocado and roasted tomatoes with Emmental, salad leaves and balsamic vinaigrette in sourdough bread. | FB: | IG:

3) Knead to Eat Singapore

Knead to Eat Singapore

At Knead to Eat, what you have here is honest-to-goodness sandwiches. That means they only use natural ingredients and made fresh on a daily basis with no additives. They have both meat and vegetarian choices, with the former including the likes of Wholesome Chicken Avo and Smokin’ Pulled Pork. For the latter, you can opt for the homemade falafel-based Falafully Yours or the Smashed Avo varieties. Hearty fillings aside, Knead to Eat comes with a choice of different sandwich bread (multigrain, dark rye, white, ciabatta or wrap). You can choose to enjoy the sandwich as it is or have it toasted. | FB: kneadtoeatsg | IG: @kneadtoeat

4) Sarnies


Sarnies’ concept is plain and simple. And that is offering flavourful and freshly-made Aussie-style foods. True to its name (or slang, to be exact), they offer various sandwiches regardless of breakfast or brunch. Among them are Brunch Bacon and Egg Sarnie — a simple but fulfiling combo of home-cured bacon with fried eggs and tomato relish in ciabatta bread. Chicken lovers, in the meantime, can look forward to Roast Chicken or Tandoori Chicken sandwich in sourdough bread. | FB: sarnies.singapore | IG:

5) Two Men Bagel House

Two Men Bagel House

The name of their place says it all, with bagels being Two Men’s main speciality. The bagel itself is hand-rolled and freshly-baked in-house. They have different fillings available, starting with Elvis — a sweet-and-savoury combo of candied bacon, caramelised banana jam and peanut butter. Other meaty goodness includes Hangover Helper (a bacon-based bagel sandwich with scrambled eggs, cheddar and tater tots) and the corned beef-and-honey baked ham Mademoiselle Chantal. | FB: twomenbagelhouse | IG: @twomenbagelhouse

6) Sando


Sando specialises in artisanal Japanese-style sandwiches. Only quality ingredients are used here, offering all-time favourites like Tamago (Japanese omelette with kombu mayo and bonito flakes). But if you prefer meaty sandwiches, they got them too. You can opt for the choice of spam, chicken ham or applewood smoked bacon — all of which are stuffed with Japanese omelette, greens and sauces. | FB: SandoSingapore | IG: @sandosingapore

7) Park Bench Deli

Park Bench Deli

The Telok Ayer-based Park Bench Deli is all about wholesome and hearty sandwiches. And they mean it when comes to the fillings stuffed between the bread. Some of the tummy-filling deli goodness includes the Pastrami Reuben, loaded with homemade pastrami brisket, Swiss cheese and Russian-dressing coleslaw and a side of home pickles. The assorted salami-and-sausage combo of Italian Godfather truly earned its name here. The sandwich comes with mozzarella cheese, tomato, house-pickled giardiniera, basil oil and mayo dressing in ciabatta bread. | FB: parkbenchdeli | IG: @parkbenchdeli

8) Egg Stop

Egg Stop

It’s Korean meets American at Egg Stop, serving fusion egg-centric sandwiches with various fillings in toasted bread. For the latter, they insist on freshly-baked bread and only toasted with butter upon order. Among the choices offered at Egg Stop include Beef Teriyaki and Smoked Chicken. The former comes with marinated juicy beef in teriyaki sauce, caramelised onions and yes… a raw egg yolk sitting atop the sandwich. But if you prefer something simple, they have Chicken Ham & Cheese with scrambled eggs sandwiched in between.

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9) The Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop means serious business when it comes to making them. They only use preservative-free and transfat-free sandwich loaves for the base. Even their ingredients are all freshly-made and prepared daily. Menu-wise, they have everything from the classic BLT (streaky bacon, mix salad with tomato & mayo) to Totally Salmon with Avocado. They include vegetarian choices too, such as Gourmet Egg Mayo and Salad Special. | FB: | IG: @thesandwichshopsg

10) Scrambled


Just like the name suggests, Scrambled offers all things scrambled in their menu. All sandwiched in nicely-toasted brioche buns, you might want to start with their Signature Egg — an assorted mix of melted cheddar with onion jam and spicy chipotle aioli. Other recommended items include Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Stack, with the latter particularly an all-in-one meal sandwiched between the buns. The aforementioned stack includes everything from scrambled egg and hash brown to spam, crispy bacon and avocado slices. | FB: ScrambledSG | IG: @scrambledsg

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