Top 10 Japanese Curry Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Japanese Curry Restaurants in Singapore
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When it comes to Japanese food, there’s a variety of comfort food ranging from ramen to tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlets), as well as kare raisu. The latter refers to Japanese curry typically served with white rice, a main dish (chicken, beef or pork) and a pool of savoury-spicy curry sauce. Here are the Top 10 Japanese Curry Restaurants in Singapore to check out if you’re craving for some Japanese curry!

1) Okada Coffee & Sweets

An offshoot from Japan’s Kumamoto-based famous cafe chain of Okada Coffee, the menu here is stretched beyond the usual speciality coffee and dessert offerings. Those who are looking for something savoury and fulfilling should try their signature homemade Japanese curry dishes. Some of the delectable choices include Chicken Curry Baked Rice and Chicken Baked Rice with White Sauce, so head on over to check them out next! | FB: okadacoffeeandsweets

2) Coco Ichibanya

Coco Ichibanya

This well-known international restaurant chain is no stranger to offering Japanese-style curry rice, with its illustrious history stretching way back to 1978. Coco Ichibanya, which made its humble debut in Nagoya, has since expanded its outlets across several countries including Singapore in 2011. Choices are aplenty here, with the menu covering all curry-related dishes from Omelet Curry to Meat Curry and Seafood Curry dishes. Best of all, you have the option to customise your curry dishes such as your preferred spice level and even the rice quantity. For the former, the spice level consists of 5 different options from Medium Hot (Level 1) to Crazy Hot (Level 5).

FB: CoCoICHIBANYA.SG | IG: @cocoichibanyasg

3) Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry

Tengawa prides itself as the first and only restaurant in Singapore that serves the unique Japanese white curry. Unlike the usual varieties, the white curry has a creamier taste with the added ingredient of Hokkaido milk. It has a distinctly rich flavour and mild enough that even those who can’t handle spicy food can enjoy. Their menu consists of different Japanese white curry dishes, namely Premium Ebi, Crunchy Chicken Katsu and Seafood Udon. You can choose to order your meal a la carte or go for their value-for-money set. The latter comes with assorted side dishes such as a bowl of clear soup with white clam and Tengawa’s chawanmushi special. | FB: TengawaWhiteCurry | IG: @tengawahokkaidowhitecurry

4) Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee may be renowned for its signature “hand-dripped” coffee but their menu covers main courses as well. One of them happens to be their Japanese curry rice dishes, beginning with their flavourful Pork Tonkatsu Curry. They even include a poached egg to make the curry rice dish all the more fulfilling. Then, there’s the Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice — a combination of savoury Japanese curry with cheesy baked rice and assorted add-ons like sausages and egg served in a sizzling hot pan. | FB: hoshinocoffee | IG: @hoshinocoffeesg

5) Monster Curry

Monster Curry

Here’s the place where you can savour the signature Japanese demi-glace curry, which also happens to be the one and only restaurant of its kind in Singapore. Made with 14 different vegetables and spices, the smooth yet aromatic curry has five different spice levels you can choose from. This includes Normal Spicy right up to the maximum Monster Spicy level if you can stand the heat. And of course, they also live up to their brand name with its hearty portions. For a wholesome meal, try their Monster Combo Curry which consists of pork katsu, pork shabu-shabu, shrimp tempura, fried fish and cheese drenched with the signature curry. | FB: MonsterCurrySingapore | IG:

6) Japan Rail Cafe

Japan Rail Cafe

This travel-themed cafe, which also happens to be the first of its kind in Singapore, offers all things Japanese dishes, notably their rice plates. Their signature dish, the Watashino Curry Rice, is a must-try — a combination of black pepper-based Japanese curry packed with assorted spices and rice. You can have it customised as well including a main and side dish of your choice. For the former, they have four different options including crispy chicken cutlet, saba fish, tonkatsu or Wagyu Hamburg. | FB: JAPANRAILCAFE | IG: @japanrailcafe

7) Japanese Curry Express

Japanese Curry Express

Serving various kinds of Japanese food ranging from Spicy Salmon Don to Smoked Duck Ramen, this restaurant has them all to satisfy your cravings. Above all, don’t forget to try their signature Pork Katsu Curry Rice, which combines crispy pork katsu and fluffy white rice blanketed on a sweet-savoury Japanese curry. Definitely the kind of comfort food not to be missed.

FB: SGJapaneseCurryExpress | IG: @japanesecurryexpress

8) Tonkichi


If you love tonkatsu a.k.a. breaded deep-fried pork cutlet, consider adding Tonkichi onto your list. This Japanese restaurant has been around for decades since 1992, offering signature dishes such as Rosu Katsu Set and Chicken Katsu Set. Love curry? They have three different curry rice sets to choose from including Rosu Katsu (deep-fried pork loin), Hire Katsu (deep-fried pork fillet) and Chicken Katsu (deep-fried chicken fillet). Each set comes with white rice, homemade curry sauce and a side serving of cabbage. | FB: SGtonkichi | IG: @sgtonkichi

9) Spicy Rock

Spicy Rock

Rock your taste buds with their delicious array of burgers and Japanese curry rice. For the latter, they have a choice of spicy red chilli, black beef or Hokkaido white curry served with rice and a main dish such as cheese omu (Japanese omelette), ebi tempura or tori katsu. Not only do they taste good but they are also wallet-friendly! | FB: SpicyRockSG | IG: @spicyrockkk

10) Ma Maison

Ma Maison

Beyond its homey decor lies a diverse range of Japanese-Western dishes, namely bento box, pasta and omu rice. Not surprisingly, you will find Japanese curry dishes on their menu as well. Among them are the classic Tonkatsu Curry, which combines white rice smothered with savoury curry sauce and juicy breaded deep-fried pork cutlets. They have several Ma Maison restaurants all over Singapore, including outlets at Takashimaya S.C. and Bugis Junction. | FB: mamaisonsg | IG: @mamaison.singapore

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