Top 10 Places for Durian in Singapore

Top 10 Places for Durian in Singapore
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There are plenty of “seasons” in Singapore and one that most locals would always look forward to has to be the durian season. The bumper crop usually arrives between June and September and that’s when you get to enjoy all the creamy goodness of durian flesh. So, whether you are a big fan of the popular Mao Shan Wang or others like Black Thorn and D24, here are the Top 10 Places For Durian in Singapore!

1) The Durian Story

The Durian Story

Jonathan, who founded The Durian Story, understands the common frustration regarding the exorbitant pricing and erratic quality when comes to purchasing durians. This is why he insists on sourcing only fresh and quality durians directly from different farms in Malaysia minus the need of middlemen, which allows him to sell his durians at a competitive price. Here, you can find plenty of the best durian cultivars ranging from Mao Shan Wang to Black Gold, Red Prawn and D24, depending on seasonal availability. | FB: thedurianstory | IG: @the_durian_story

2) Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian

Located at Joo Chiat Place, Kungfu Durian prides itself on offering only the best and reasonably-priced durians. They sell varieties of fresh and frozen durians, covering from premium Mao Shan Wang to Golden Phoenix and Black Thorn. And to make it easier for you, you can enjoy them without having to open the durian shell. That means no matter you opt for takeaway or delivery services, they would pack the durians in vacuum-sealed transparent boxes. Kungfu Durian also accepts bulk orders for corporate events but do take note they need at least one week’s notice in advance. | FB: KungfuDurian | IG: @kungfudurian

3) Durian 36

Durian 36

Here’s a popular durian stall from Geylang, where you can enjoy your favourite durian(s) 24/7. Durian 36 has been in the business for over 20 years, where they are known for quality assurance and competitive pricing. Their bestsellers include Mao Shan Wang, D13 and XO and they also have other durians like Black Thorn, Tekka and D24, just to name a few. For peace of mind, Durian 36 offers 100% replacement or even a full refund in case you find your purchased durian tastes sour, spoilt or unripe. | FB: durian36sg | IG: @durian36sg

4) Fruit Monkeys

Fruit Monkeys

Be it for personal consumption or even for durian parties, Fruit Monkeys got them all covered here with their range of quality thorny fruits. They offer various types from premium Mao Shan Wang to others like Hilltop Sultan D24, Tekka, Black Thorn and Champion D13. But if you are a first-timer looking for a recommendation, do try their creamy, melt-in-your-mouth Old Tree Signature MSW (Mao Shan Wang). Expect reasonable prices too and if you order your durians above $180, you don’t have to pay the delivery fee. | FB: R88Durian

5) Combat Durian

Combat Durian

Combat Durian is no stranger to many local and foreign durian lovers, given its longstanding presence for over 50 years at Balestier Road. Part of its longevity has to do with its consistent quality and above all, honest pricing that has gained a substantial loyal following even until today. And if you happen to be a big fan of Mao Shan Wang, you can’t go wrong buying from Combat Durian since this stall is particularly famous for it.

FB: Combat-Durian-Singapore | IG: @combatdurian

6) Ah Seng Durian

Ah Seng Durian

Ah Seng Durian needs no introduction since they have been around for over 40 years. The founder himself only settles for the best quality durians possible, ensuring you will get what you pay for. And this includes personally visiting the plantation for a stringent quality check. You can place your order right here and collect your durians at one of these outlets by selecting your preferred date and time. | FB: AhSengDurian | IG: @ahsengdurian

7) 99 Old Trees

99 Old Trees

99 Old Trees offers great and competitively-priced durians since they cut off the middlemen cost. The latter is made possible since they source the durians directly from their own Fook Gok Durian Farm at Raub, Pahang. They sell various types of durians here such as Sultan King (D24), Tekka (D160) and of course, the famous Mao Shan Wang (D197). 99 Old Trees also sources some of their durians from Johor, namely D101 and Gang Hai (D1). | FB: 99oldtrees | IG: @99oldtrees

8) The Durian Tree

The Durian Tree

The Durian Tree sells different types of durians at a reasonable price. This includes durians like Mao Shao Wang, Black Gold, King of King (Wang Zhong Wang), D13 and Golden Phoenix. You can have your favourite durians in vacuum-sealed boxes delivered right to your doorsteps. Simply reach out to them via WhatsApp and enjoy free delivery if you make a purchase above $100.

FB: theduriantree | IG: @tdt_theduriantree

9) Durian Delivery Singapore

Durian Delivery Singapore

Have your durians delivered all fresh and good from Durian Delivery. Even if you are not satisfied with the quality in case of say, sour or watery durians, Durian Delivery offers a 100% Replacement Guarantee. Other than providing fresh durians, they also sell durian cakes & pastries such as Musang King Mille Crepe, Snowy D24 Durian Mochi and D24 Swiss Roll. Enjoy free delivery islandwide if you place your orders from $100 and above. | FB: duriandeliverysg | IG: @duriandelivery

10) Top Durian Station

Top Durian Station

Top Durian Station has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a makeshift stall in Jurong West. Their insistence in providing quality, yet reasonably-priced durians has since garnered a large following. Today, Top Durian Station has several outlets islandwide ranging from Ang Mo Kio to Bukit Batok and Yishun. When in season, you can purchase them in 400g flesh-only durians in boxes, 2kg, 10kg or 20kg bundles. | FB: Topdurianstation

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