8 Common Courtesies That Are Not So Common in Malaysia

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If you live in Malaysia long enough, you’ll find that common courtesy isn’t quite so common here, especially the below listed ones. Simple gestures go a long way. While I’m not saying that all Malaysians are rude but if everyone starts practicing these little gestures, the country would be a better place. Don’t you think? Here are 8 common courtesies that are not so common in Malaysia.

1) Holding Door or Elevator

No one likes the feeling of being literally slammed on. It only takes few second to hold the door or elevator for the person after you. Small gesture like that really helps.

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2) Let People Walk First at Zebra Crossing

Though it is a stated rule that people should cross first at the zebra crossing, many of us tend to neglect. As a driver, always put ourselves in the shoes of pedestrians. Also never honk at pedestrians because that’s awfully rude!

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3) Clean Up After Eating at Fast Food Restaurants

Trays and bins are given at the fast food restaurants for a reason. While it has become a habit to expect someone to clean up, it would be a pleasant gesture to clean them up ourselves after eating.

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4) Do Not Use Your Cellphone in the Cinema

Silence your cellphone before the movie starts. Stop texting when the lights go out. Never speak on your cellphone in the cinema. Be considerate of others as they pay to watch the movie, not to watch you talk.

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5) Flush the Loo

As simple as it sounds, many Malaysians tend to ignore this rule. If you don’t like what you see in the loo, the next user wouldn’t like it too. Always flush your business down the loo please.

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6) Offer Seats to Those In Need

Imagine that you are old, handicapped or pregnant, standing weakly but no one offers you a seat. That feeling. You wouldn’t want to be that guilty ‘no one’. Let’s spread love by offering seats to those in need.

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7) Let Alighting People Get Off First and Queue Up While You Wait

One thing that always baffles me. In Malaysia, people do not queue up to board the train and the worst thing is people try to get on first before allowing alighting people to get off. Things could be less chaotic if everyone is a little more discipline and patient.

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8) Leave Your Contact Number if you Need to Double Park

Fine that you might need to Double Park at times. But always remember to leave a note with your contact no. such as name card on your dashboard so that the person whose car is blocked by your car can call you.

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