Spot The Robot Dog Is Encouraging Social Distancing In Singapore

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Do any of you believe that one day robots will gain a conscience and overtake the human race? While robots today are mostly found in a factory line, there are scientists creating robots for a more public use. And it’s a lot closer than you think. In fact, it’s happening right now in Singapore! Spot the robot dog from Boston Dynamics is the latest effort in encouraging social distancing among citizens.

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As most countries begin to relax the rules around their versions of a lockdown, one message is still clear and consistent. Social distancing is still very important even if you can now go out.

Citizens in Singapore still have a little bit of freedom and going to the parks is one of them. However, it is not encouraged and social distancing is still very important to keep in mind. To help remind citizens, Spot the robot dog is patrolling the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

The yellow robot will be broadcasting a pre-recorded message to remind visitors on the importance of social distancing. Furthermore, there are cameras that scan the surroundings. This will help officials to estimate the number of people that are still gathering in parks.

Citizens need not worry because these cameras are not able to track or recognise individuals. Therefore, no personal data is at risk if Spot the robot dog SPOTS you! Currently, it is still in the testing phase for another one week in the park. After this, the authorities will consider implementing the project in other parks as well.

Spot the robot dog by Boston Dynamics
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Moving on, Spot the robot dog is ideal for this task because of its design. It features legs that can work well with a variety of terrain and obstacles. That’s why it’s ideal for working in public parks.

Spot can run uphill, climb stairs, and get you drink. It is ideal for inspecting dangerous landscapes such as construction sites, mines, and electric utilities. Additionally, Spot can work in healthcare by delivering medicine and food as well as disinfecting spaces from afar.