Top 10 Brunch Cafes in Singapore

Top 10 Brunch Cafes in Singapore
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Brunch — breakfast and lunch which are usually eaten in the late morning. Especially on the weekend since you know, (we) all need some extra sleep time after a long five-day work. Singapore has plenty of brunch cafes worth exploring here. You will find options like big breakfast, egg dishes, pancakes and more. And without further ado, here are the Top 10 brunch cafes in Singapore.

1) Brunches Cafe

Brunches Cafe
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Beyond its cosy and vintage-inspired interior, Brunches Cafe’s menu covers assorted choices of good foods. They serve all-day breakfast here, covering Granola Parfait, Fluffy Pancake Stacks and Brioche French Toast. For the ultimate start-your-day-right meal, it’s worth Pimp(ing) My Breakfast, offering an egg and two mains of your choice. Choices? You can have your egg poached, scrambled or sunny side up. As for mains, pick your proteins: portobello mushroom, gourmet sausage and ham are among those available. Each plate comes with sides of grilled tomato, sauteed mushroom, roasted potato and a slice of toast. | FB: BrunchesCafe | IG: @brunchescafe

2) Wildseed Café at The Alkaff Mansion

Wildseed Café at The Alkaff Mansion
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It’s a dine-in paradise at Wildseed Cafe, boasting an aesthetically pleasing floral-themed decor and a quaint conservatory. The cafe’s location on the hill of Telok Blangah even offers a much-needed respite for those who want to escape from the busy concrete jungle. Now, the menu: Brunch lovers can look forward to hearty meals like the Big Pan Breakfast, ‘Bagel Eggs Benny’ (toasted bagel served with two sous vide eggs, hollandaise sauce, dill and smoked salmon or crispy bacon) and Avocado ‘Toast’ Croffle. | FB: wildseedsg.alkaff | IG: @wildseedsg

3) Old Hen Kitchen

Old Hen Kitchen
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Operating since 2014, Old Hen Kitchen welcomes its guests with a range of foods using fresh and quality ingredients. Take the all-day breakfast, for instance. Start your day nice and simple with the classic Eggs, Bread & Butter. You can have your egg cooked in soft-boiled, scrambled or fried. Feeling hungry? Go for the Breakfast Plate, which is basically a big breakfast type consisting of the usual suspects — eggs, sausages, salads and toast, just to name a few. You can even Build Your Own Breakfast, allowing you to pick up to 14 choices. | FB: oldhencoffee | IG: @oldhencoffee

4) Sarnies

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Fancy an Aussie-style grub? Well, Sarnies got you all covered here, beginning with its wholesome weekend brunch menu. Take control of how you want your breakfast to be served a.k.a. Pimp My Breakfast. Choices are aplenty from country sourdough to (cage-free) eggs, grilled pork & thyme sausage and house-cured bacon. Love all things eggy? Fulfil your day with Eggs Benedict or others such as the spicy Chilli Scramble and Turkish Eggs served with Greek yoghurt and country sourdough. | FB: sarnies.singapore | IG:

5) OverEasy

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Have a brunch the all-American way in the comfort of the classic diner-style OverEasy. Dig into The Hangover Sandwich — a wholesome sandwich consisting of sunny-side-up egg, streaky bacon, Wagyu chuck blend patty and more, all sandwiched between an English muffin. Or kick off your weekend with the Ultimate Diner Breakfast. You’ll get two eggs of any style you prefer alongside other ingredients such as hash browns, chicken sausage and toasted sourdough. If you prefer something sweet, do try their gluten-free California Pancakes. | FB: OverEasySG | IG: @overeasysg

6) 6 Letter Brunch

6 Letter Brunch
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If you love rosti, 6 Letter Brunch is a place to be. They are made in-house and cooked with olive oil. Go for their signature 6 Letter Brunch (rosti, Norwegian smoked salmon, sunny-side-up egg, shiitake mushrooms, fresh fruits, mashed avocado & mixed salad) or other rosti dishes served with grilled chicken, smoked duck or baked salmon. They serve a variety of all-day brunch meals such as Brunch Tacos and Avocado & Egg Croissant. They have their own version of a big breakfast called Good Day Breakfast — a plateful of assorted breakfast staples such as scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and arabiki pork sausages. | FB: 6letterbrunch | IG: @6letterbrunch

7) Symmetry

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Symmetry combines a dining restaurant and a bar, all wonderfully integrated into a cosy ambience that reflects the contemporary Aussie culture. If you are here for weekend brunches, perk up your day with Symmetry Breakfast. Choose how you want your egg to be cooked and each plate comes with different varieties such as hashbrown, chicken harissa sausage and sourdough. Or try their Symmetry Eggs Benedict, all meticulously cooked at 62.5°C for a creamier texture and liquidy yolk. Vegetarians, in the meantime, can opt for Vegan Breakfast, Brussel Sprouts & Fig Salad or Green Goddess Salad. | FB: | IG: @symmetrysg

8) The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.
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Populus knows a thing or two about serving good coffee. And so do their foods, namely the all-day brunch menu. Their soft and creamy Populus Scramble is worth trying here — eggs that are nicely scrambled and then served with fresh herb melange, marinated feta, turkey bacon and a toasted croissant. You can even upgrade your scrambled eggs with crab meat and lobster bisque. Or go all out with the Populus All Day Big Breakky and let’s not forget about their popular Buckwheat Pancakes. | FB: thepopuluscafe | IG: @thepopuluscafe

9) Café Natsu

Cafe Natsu
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Entering Cafe Natsu is like transporting yourself into an oasis of calm with tastefully designed decor of predominantly earthy tones. They specialise in fusion dishes that blend Japanese to suit the locals’ taste buds. Their sando is a must-try here, offering a mix of succulent pork katsu with tamanegi, lettuce and doubanjiang aioli. Or dig into some of their delectable brunch staples such as Shortrib Ragu Kare, Wagyu Hamburg and Quiche served with spinach salad. | FB: | IG:

10) Dewgather

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The terracotta-accented decor that dominates the interior and exterior of Dewgather is surely eye-catching. Not to mention the glass canopy that allows a ray of sunshine to pour in, perfect for Instagram shots. But enough of the vibes. For weekend brunches, the menu offers scrumptious choices such as Dewgather Breakfast and Classic Salmon Avo. Or pick one of the chef’s recommendations, namely the healthy Dew Harvest Bowl and Hummus in the Pan. | FB: dewgather | IG: @dewgather

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