Singapore’s Top 10 Online Grocery Sites

Singapore's Top 10 Online Grocery Sites
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Grocery shopping has never been easier than it is today, with online stores catering to every need. Yes, you need not leave your home and you can still purchase your kitchen and household necessities. Here are 10 Online Grocery Sites that will help you out the next time you need to stock up.

1) GoFresh


Fresh produce is the name of the game here, and GoFresh makes it as easy as possible to get some. Choose from meat, seafood, fruits, veggies and even herbs and spices. Just select what you need online, and it will be delivered to you in an ice packed, insulated box, to seal in freshness. Note that the minimum order is $40. Delivery will cost you $15, but if your order is above $60, you are eligible for free delivery. | FB: GoFreshSG | IG: @gofresh_sg

2) PurelyFresh


PurelyFresh engages and collaborates with farmers, butchers, fishermen and growers globally, to bring you the freshest produce. You’ll be able to buy Pork, Yong Tau Foo Ingredients and the usual grocery items. What’s more, if you are not satisfied with your purchases, you can request for a full refund. Delivery is free for orders $70 and above. | FB: PurelyFresh

3) The Fitness Grocer

The Fitness Grocer

Fitness enthusiasts will love this one for sure. If you’re someone who meal preps and is very mindful about what you put in your body, The Fitness Grocer is just the place for you. You can find protein cookies, condiments, nutrition bars, superfoods and even vegan products here. Their products are sourced from around the world. | FB: fitnessgrocer | IG: @thefitnessgrocer

4) Carecci & Figli Trading

Carecci & Figli Trading

If you want to replicate the rich flavours of an Italian meal in your own kitchen, authenticity is key. Enter Carecci & Figli Trading to the rescue. You’ll find a wonderful selection of pastas, cheese, olive oil, Parma Ham and other gourmet products. And since nothing goes better with pasta than a bottle of wine, you’ll even find some good selections of red, white, sparkling and dessert wines. | FB: carecci

5) Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan's Grocery

When it comes to food ingredients – a one size fits all concept doesn’t cut it. The founders of Ryan’s Grocery know this, and in searching for quality food for their son who is intolerant to dairy products, came across many people who were on similar journeys themselves. From there they began the hunt for nutritious food ingredients, which took them beyond Singapore’s shores. Their website allows you to filter your choice based on your needs (vegan/gluten free, etc), making for an easy shopping experience. | FB: Ryansgrocery | IG: @ryansgrocery_sg

6) Sabine’s Baskets

Sabine's Baskets

Sabine’s Baskets acts as a middleman of sorts, by heading out to local wet markets and selecting fresh fruits and vegetables so you don’t have to. Just pick a “Basket” from their selections, and select a delivery date and time that’s suitable for you. Note that baskets are customizable, and you can always contact them directly if you are not satisfied with your product. | FB: SabinesBaskets | IG: @sabinesbaskets

7) NTUC FairPrice

NTUC FairPrice

A veteran where supermarkets are concerned, NTUC FairPrice has been around since 1973, and there’s no sign of stopping them anytime soon. Today, they have many different retail outlets throughout the island, and naturally online shopping is the latest in their ventures. You can get just about anything, from frozen food to beauty products. | FB: thatsmyfairprice | IG: @fairpricesg

8) OpenTaste


Farm fresh goods at wholesale prices isn’t a hoax at OpenTaste. They connect with farms and foodmakers globally, so you can expect tomatoes grown in Australia, and apple from Japan, all delivered to you in Singapore. The world is now borderless – and this even extends to groceries. You can arrange for weekly subscriptions, or shop as and when you need to. Delivery is free for orders $35 and above. Orders below that will cost you $4.95 for delivery. | FB: OPENTASTEcom | IG:

9) The Organic Grocer

The Organic Grocer

For the best in organic groceries, this is the place to check out. With items sourced globally and within Singapore, you’ll be able to purchase food, fruits and vegetables that don’t contain allergens, gluten or growth hormones. They deliver every Wednesday to Saturday between 3pm to 7.30pm. Note that they do not deliver on Public Holidays. | FB: theorganicgrocer | IG: @theorganicgrocer

10) GroXers


Formed by people who have experience in foodservice industry, the team is certainly led with passion. The personal touch is given preference, as customers are invited to share their concerns and needs with the team, so they can best serve you. Here, you can purchase a great array of local produce, from dairy and frozen goods to household items and specialty products. | FB: groxers | IG: @groxers

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