Heguru: Leading Right Brain Development Enrichment

While blessed with the honour of being a parent to a child, comes with great responsibilities. Most parents understand the sacrifice and willing to go to great lengths to provide the best for their children. However, the price of quality education comes with a hefty price tag. In addition, there are endless variety of education systems and syllabi that easily confuse parents. If you are seeking a child enrichment centre with a proven track record, search no further but Heguru Education.

About Heguru Education

Heguru Singapore (managed by Heguru Education Centre Pte. Ltd.) is officially licensed by HEGL (Henmi Education General Laboratory) Japan to offer the highly acclaimed Heguru Education Method in Singapore.

The HEGURU EDUCATION is a heart-based brain development program that maximizes the limited window of opportunity during your child’s formative years. It emphasizes imaginative exploration and critical thinking in a joyful learning atmosphere.

With over 30 years of experience in Japan, they are a trusted partner to many parents and children in Singapore.

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Products Offered

They provide several courses to cater to different age groups and learning stages:

1. Infant and Toddler Course (for 6 months to 4 years old)

For this age group, the focus is on stimulating and developing the potential and abilities of the right brain during the formative years, as well as strengthening the bond between parent and child. The goal is to provide as much knowledge to them as possible to build up their subconscious library of information.

2. Preschool Course (for 5 and 6 years old)

The focus is to strengthen the right brain abilities while developing the left brain’s cognitive and analytical thinking skills. ​This is where children first learn about independence, as they will be attending classes on their own. This will greatly enhance communication skills as they interact with teachers and peers on their own.

3. Primary Course (for 7 to 12 years old)

At this stage, they attain full right brain activation while bridging the left brain abilities to greatly enhance learning ability. The Primary School Course takes the learning capabilities of children into greater heights.

This includes developing important skill sets and abilities not developed in formal primary school education.

  • Winning mindset
  • Challenging IQ questions
  • Analytical thinking
  • Speed reading and writing
  • Rapid long-term memorisation power
  • Focus and mental tenacity
  • Ability to think ahead
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Nurture the appreciation for the finer aspects of life
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Heguru Setting Themselves Apart

All main teachers are personally coached, tested and certified by founders in Heguru Japan. They undergo rigorous training is in Japan to ensure lessons are conducted in the most original and effective way.

Heguru Education maximises the important formative period of right brain development by offering brain stimulation courses for children as young as 6 months old upwards. While most of the other enrichment programmes offer courses for children from 3 years old onwards.

Unlike other enrichment centres who focus on individual aspects such as languages, music, art, or academics tuition, Heguru Education offers a holistic brain development programme that develops children’s innate potential and abilities such as photographic memory, high speed processing ability, sharp analytical mind, strong mentality and good morals which greatly enhance their learning ability. Not only will this help them in their academics, but also other aspects of interest like music, art and sports.

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Proven Track Record of Excellence

Since 2013, Heguru Education Centre has gained widespread recognition as the top brain development school in Singapore. Parents rave about Heguru’s unique programme and high quality of its teachers.

In a short span of over 4 years, they have opened 4 centres in Paya Lebar, Sengkang, Punggol and Tampines to meet the increasing demand from parents.

Every year, Heguru Education Centre has received awards from local parenting and lifestyle magazines. This includes:

2013     Parents World Magazine
Best in All-Rounded Intellectual Development
2014     Little Magazine
School of the Year in Cognitive Development
2014     Parents World Magazine
Best in All-Rounded Intellectual Development
2015     Little Magazine
School of the Year in Cognitive Development
2015     Parents World Magazine
Best in Stimulating Right Brain Development​
2016     Little Magazine​
School of the Year in Cognitive Development

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“​We will continue to hold strongly our philosophy of providing the best brain development enrichment programmes for children in Singapore.”


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