Top 10 Climbing & Bouldering Gyms in Singapore 2020

Top 10 Climbing & Bouldering Gyms in Singapore
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Looking for new activities to do other than, say jogging and cycling? Why not try scaling walls instead? By that, we mean (rock-) climbing or bouldering! Whichever you choose, they are both fun and challenging and best of all, you can do it in a safe and secure environment. So, if you ever want to pretend to be Spiderman anytime, here are the Top 10 Climbing & Bouldering Gyms in Singapore 2020 for you to check out!

1) Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

Test your endurance and skill at Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym, which offers different types of boulder walls to climb on. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned climber, as Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym welcomes people from all levels of experiences. Coming here is easy too, thanks to its strategic and highly-accessible location via bus or Beauty World MRT Station, where the latter is only a mere 6-minute walking distance. | FB: zvertigoboulder | IG: @zvertigobouldergym

2) Boulder World

Boulder World

Spanning 7,000 sq ft of floor space, Boulder World earns its reputation as the largest bouldering gym you’ll ever find in Singapore. Climbers can look forward to more than 100 routes, each of which is a different challenge. Bouldering packages are available for both adults and kids. Given its spacious interior, you can also organise a birthday party or corporate event at the Boulder World. For more info, simply email at | FB: boulderworldsg | IG: @boulderworldsg

3) FitBloc


FitBloc offers not one but three challenge-worthy climbing walls to test your skill and strength. And that is not all, as you can choose to work out at their gym room or take a dive at the outdoor swimming pool. Once complete, why not take a break to relax and relieve your muscle tension in their sauna facility? To book a slot, simply download their FitBloc app on Google Play or Apple Store. | FB: fitbloc | IG: @fitbloc

4) Boulder Plus

Boulder Plus

Also known as Boulder+, it features various bouldering walls waiting to be conquered no matter you are a beginner or an advanced climber. In other words, this is the kind of family-friendly bouldering gym where you can bring your friends, parents and even kids along. Upon scaling the bouldering walls, you also get to enjoy the natural sunlight pouring through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Plus, if you are up for a challenge, why not put your muscles to the ultimate test by taking on the custom-built, 60-degree overhang? | FB: boulderPlusClimbing | IG: @boulder_plus

5) Onsight Climbing Gym

Onsight Climbing Gym

2,000 sq ft of climbing walls and bouldering surface, 43 lanes and over 100 different climbing routes — these are among the highlights you can expect upon visiting the Onsight Climbing Gym. The gym welcomes all regardless of newcomers, intermediate or advanced climbers. They also have a few programmes available, covering everything from the beginner-friendly Experiental Climbing to the customised Personal Coaching session tailored to your respective needs. Kids between age 5 to 12 years old can join the Onsight Climbing Academy, where they can learn proper climbing techniques. Their programmes are also extended for both corporate and school as well. | FB: onsightclimbing | IG: @onsightclimbinggym

6) T-Hall SG

T-Hall SG

Upon entering T-Hall SG at 464 Crawford Lane, it’s hard not to get immersed in its overall spacious interior and brightly-coloured climbing walls. There are three zones you can find here, beginning with their highwall climbing and bouldering facilities designed for both beginner and advanced climbers. Looking to make your first move or simply to hone your climbing skills? They have various courses and programmes catered to every level. Alternatively, look out for the thematic climbing & bouldering or challenge your friends to scale the augmented climbing wall, complete with motion-sensing interactive mini games at their family-friendly Fun Zone area. | FB: thallsingapore | IG:

7) The Cliff @ Snow City

The Cliff @ Snow City

Ready to put your climbing skills to the test? Then, you might want to add The Cliff to your checklist. Located at Snow City, expect 10 climbing routes consisting of different difficulty levels to make scaling the walls all the more challenging and exciting at the same time. The Cliff also offers other services including teambuilding sessions, birthday parties as well as sport climbing certifcation and workshops. | FB: TheCliffSG | IG: @SnowCitySG

8) Ground Up Climbing

Ground Up Climbing

Explore the joy and thrills of climbing at Ground Up Climbing. For starters, their indoor rock climbing offers 5 top rope lanes and 13 auto belay lanes — all of which are specially designed to suit both newcomers and advanced climbers. Even if you are not confident or sceptical to perform such an activity, there’s an SNCS Rock Climbing Level 1 Course where you get to learn all the proper basics and techniques. Other than climbing, you can also try their bouldering walls, which have various difficulty levels covering from the flat slab wall to the inclined wall. They also include a training deck where you can train how strong your fingers can sustain upon gripping the various hang boards. Varieties of programmes are available as well such as Kids Weekend Class, Climbing and Belay Certifications and Fun Climb. For the latter, you’ll get to try out 3 types of climbing including top-rope climbing, auto-belay climbing and bouldering. | FB: groundupsg | IG: @groundupsg

9) Climb Central Rock Climbing (Novena)

Climb Central Rock Climbing (Novena)

If you love rock climbing, you might want to check out the Climb Central at the Novena outlet. It is actually one of their three branches, with the other two located at Kallang Wave Mall and Funan Mall. Climb Central is for all to climb, even if you have zero climbing experience. You can always opt for a guided session, where you get to learn all the basics from using the safety systems to the proper climbing techniques. Apart from offering access and lessons to the general public, Climb Central also hosts various private events including birthday parties and teambuilding sessions. | FB: ClimbCentral | IG: @climbcentral

10) SAFRA Yishun

SAFRA Yishun

Love challenges? Then, try scaling the towering 25-metre outdoor rock wall. But if you prefer the less-challenging routes, they have other difficulty levels too. This includes the 15-metre climbing walls as well as 18-metre chimney & crack walls and the more straightforward slab wall. Climbers can also scale the two-storey bouldering gym, which is located in the comfort of an indoor environment. | FB: SAFRAsg | IG: @safrasg

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