Top 10 Language Learning Centres in Singapore

Top 10 Language Learning Centres in Singapore
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Learning different languages offer several benefits both personally and professionally, with the latter particularly ringing true when it comes to certain job requirements. So, whether you are looking to learn Mandarin or other languages like Korean, Japanese or Spanish, check out these Top 10 Language Learning Centres in Singapore!

1) inlingua School of Languages in Singapore

inlingua School of Languages in Singapore

Operating since 1972, inlingua offers courses in 18 different languages including English, Mandarin, French and Korean, just to name a few. You can even get to learn other languages like Russian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Dutch and Portuguese. The school uses the communicative approach when it comes to various language lessons. In other words, students are encouraged to speak verbally in a different language. inlingua also includes role-plays to make the classes all the more stimulating to learn the languages. | FB: inlinguasg | IG: @inlingua_singapore

2) Italian School of Singapore

Italian School of Singapore

If you are looking to master the Italian language, you might want to check out the Italian School of Singapore. The school offers courses for both kids (kindergarten & primary school levels) and adults (beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate & advanced). For more info about their list of available Italian courses, do check out the link right here. | FB: italianschoolsg | IG: @italianschoolsg

3) Ikoma Language School

Ikoma Language School

Ikoma Language School, which is registered with the Ministry of Education, has been around since 1996. They first started in Chinatown before moving to a bigger premise in Orchard Road in 1999 and later at Shaw House in 2004. The school offers three types of language courses here including Japanese, English and Mandarin. If you are interested in the former, you have a choice of learning basic or intermediate/advanced Japanese as well. | FB: ikomalanguageschool

4) Bunka Language School

Bunka Language School

Interested to learn how to speak Japanese fluently? At Bunka, the school employs only experienced teachers who also happen to be native Japanese speakers. They offer both offline and online classes, with the latter conducted via Zoom. For the former, they keep their classes limited to just 12 students, which in turn, offers better feedback and attention. Students will be involved in role-playing that enables them to practice speaking in a conversational manner as well as listening, reading and writing in Japanese too. | FB: BunkaLanguageSchool | IG: @bunkals

5) Elite Linguistic Network @ Bugis

Elite Linguistic Network @ Bugis

Elite Linguistic Network specialises in teaching the Chinese language, offering different courses including Conversational and Business Chinese. The latter is particularly suitable for those who work in a company that requires them to be fluent in Mandarin regardless of speaking, reading or writing. Other than offering Chinese language classes for adults, kids aged 5-12 years can enjoy learning via interactive live-streaming lessons from home. You can also opt for a free trial class. | IG: @languageasia

6) Moelc Page

Moelc Page

MOELC or Ministry of Education Language Centre initially offered language courses that teach French and Japanese. Since then, they have introduced other language lessons including German, Malay, Arabic, Indonesian and Spanish. MOELC has two campuses available in Singapore including Bishan Street and Newton via Cairnhill Road. | FB: moelanguagecentre | IG: @moelc_official

7) Stanford Language Centre

Stanford Language Centre

Stanford Language Centre offers the chance for students who are interested to learn different languages at an affordable price. They have six language lessons you can choose here, covering from Mandarin to Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian as well as Korean and Japanese. During classes, you get to learn the languages not only through communication and pronunciation but also by understanding the likes of grammar rules and sentence patterns. | FB: StanfordLC | IG: @stanfordlanguage

8) Berlitz Singapore

Berlitz Singapore

Berlitz has a long history in both language education and leadership training for over a century since its establishment in 1878. First started in Providence, Rhode Island, Berlitz gradually expanded to different US states and other countries such as Europe and Asia, including Singapore. They offer various language courses like English, French, German, Korean and Cantonese. You can choose to learn your preferred language live online or in-person classes. Lessons are also available based on your respective levels ranging from beginners to intermediate and advanced learners. | FB: BerlitzSingapore | IG: @berlitzsingapore

9) SEJONG Korean Language School (Singapore)

SEJONG Korean Language School (Singapore)

Led by a team of native Korean teachers, Sejong is where you get to learn how to speak the language in a fun and engaging way possible. All of the teachers are highly experienced and specially trained in-house to meet the high demand of the “Sejong standard”. They have courses available for beginners, intermediate and various advanced levels regardless of online or in-person classes. | FB: sejongkls | IG: @sejongkorean

10) French Toast Language Centre

French Toast Language Centre

Founded in 2010, French Toast focuses primarily on teaching French that covers four aspects of the language. This includes learning how to speak, listen, read and write. All of the teachers happen to be experienced native speakers and apart from learning the language, students will get to exposed to various related events such as wine tasting and singing in French. French Toast has a few different classes available, namely their popular French once-a-week course spanning 20 hours for 8 weeks from $295 onwards. | FB: french.toast.singapore

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