Top 10 Slimming Centres in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Slimming Centres in KL & Selangor
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Losing weight isn’t just about looking good and feeling confident. It also helps to improve heart health, reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and promoting better sleep. Of course, managing weight problems wouldn’t be easy without professional help and this is where a slimming centre comes in. Whether you are aiming to lose excess full body weight or targeted areas, namely belly fat, visit one of these Top 10 Slimming Centres in KL & Selangor.

1) Dorra Slimming Malaysia

Dorra Slimming Malaysia
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Feeling discouraged over your lower body fat problems? The award-winning Dorra Slimming Malaysia can help to shed those extra pounds with their signature Bye Bye Fat Treatment. It consists of a thorough analysis and consultation of your lower body fat issue before the treatment takes place, all customised just for you using state-of-the-art slimming technology. Their treatment works by breaking down, burning and clearing triglycerides effectively, which in turn, helps to increase metabolism and reduce fat cells. | FB: dorraslimmingmalaysia | IG: @dorraslimmingmalaysia

2) London Weight Management

London Weight Management
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Operating since 2000, London Weight Management has successfully helped many customers in achieving their desired weight loss. Their services are all personalised based on your respective weight issues, lifestyle behaviours and eating habits. This is done through a full body-fat analysis before they suggest the most suitable slimming treatment. So, whether you suffer from bulging tummy, flabby arms or postnatal weight gain, rest assured that London Weight Management is here to solve your problem efficiently. | FB: londonweightmy | IG: @londonweightmanagementmalaysia

3) BMF Malaysia

BMF Malaysia
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BMF — an acronym that combines Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline — is a one-stop aesthetics and slimming centre, offering various related skin and body treatments. For the latter, they have a team of qualified and experienced consultants to help determine your respective weight issues. They offer body fat-burning procedures like Pro-Freeze, which targets areas like bloated tummies, flabby arms and excess love handles. They also provide super fat-burning treatments such as Deep Fat Reduction and Body Contour Therapy. | FB: bmfmsia | IG: @bmf_malaysia

4) Slim Doc

Slim Doc
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Say goodbye to your excess fat with the non-invasive Slim Doc’s Ultra Em Plus. This treatment targets subcutaneous and visceral fats in your body using AMF and RET technologies. It also uses two different electromagnetic waves to accelerate the superficial and deep muscle tissues simultaneously, which in turn, promote active contraction reminiscent of a physical workout. Customers can expect visible results within 2-6 weeks after 6-8 sessions. | FB: slimdocgroup | IG: @slimdocgroup

5) CLEO Clinic

CLEO Clinic
Image Credit: CLEO Clinic Aesthetic & Skin Center (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

CLEO Clinic’s expertise lies in professional medical aesthetics, dermatology and body treatments. For the latter, they offer a clinically proven medical weight loss programme to help repair your metabolism through appetite control. Among the solutions available include Saxenda and Ozempic injections, all of which are FDA-approved for treating weight loss. They also provide a fat-freezing treatment called CRISTAL® PRO to remove stubborn fat from any body areas such as the stomach, love handles and arms. | FB: cleoclinicmalaysia | IG: @clinic_cleo

6) SlimWorld

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SlimWorld is dedicated to offering the best slimming solutions minus the hefty price tag. Since its establishment in 2002, they have released related products like DD+ Fiber and CocoaTox, all of which are specially formulated to promote weight loss. The DD+ Fiber, for instance, combines 9 essential vegetable and fruit extracts for a detox purpose, which helps to minimise water retention and improves digestion. You can locate their Klang Valley outlets in Wangsa Maju, Shah Alam and Amcorp Mall in PJ. | FB: slimworldgroup | IG: @slimworldgroup

7) SlimFit by Woo

SlimFit by Woo
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At SlimFit by Woo, they offer a personalised slimming programme designed to tackle your weight problems. For instance, if you are suffering from stubborn belly fat and flabby arms, SlimFit by Woo utilises state-of-the-art INDIBA therapy, which specifically targets the area by increasing metabolism and managing the fat cells effectively. Some of the other programmes available include the holistic 4D Drainage, which is used to drain lymph nodes as well as detoxify and burn excess fats. | FB: slimfitbywoo | IG: @slimfitbywoo

8) Mayfair Bodyline

Mayfair Bodyline
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The award-winning Mayfair Bodyline specialises in facial, body and wellness treatments. If you are looking to lose weight, they offer two slimming programmes called My-Fit and Slim Master. The former uses the non-invasive combination of Synchronised RF and HIFEM+ (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology) to burn hard-to-reach fats while building muscle simultaneously. It works well on body areas like arms, buttocks, calves and even the full body. Slim Master, in the meantime, targets stubborn fats and is capable of burning up to 125mg of fat in just five minutes. | FB: MayfairBodylineMY | IG: @mayfairbodyline

9) Glow & Glamour

Glow & Glamour
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An expert in managing facial, body and bust, Glow & Glamour offers quality result-oriented treatments that you can count on. For their slimming treatments alone, they offer various choices for your respective needs and targeted problems. Among them is the intensive Thermo Osmosis Programme (T.O.P.) and 3X Lipo Ginger Therapy, where the former helps to stimulate natural lymphatic drainage and and capable of achieving from 0.5-2.5 kg of weight loss per session. The latter promotes waste & toxin elimination while removing excess fat deposits.

10) Terimee

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Terimee has been around since 1997 and their achievement in helping customers lose weight has amassed many positive responses even today. Their slimming programme consists of an all-around package designed not only to increase your metabolism but also to improve blood circulation and cell regeneration and reduce excess body fats effectively from the inside out. | FB: terimee

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