Top 10 Places for Waffles in Singapore

Top 10 Places for Waffles in Singapore
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The good thing about waffles is that you enjoy them on their own or simply sweeten them with a drizzle of say, maple syrup and honey. You can even top them with chopped fresh fruits like strawberries and bananas. Let’s not forget about a scoop (or two) of ice cream. Yum, indeed. Depending on the place, they even have savoury waffles available as a breakfast meal served with other add-ons. So, whether you prefer them sweet or savoury or both, these are the Top 10 Places for Waffles in Singapore.

1) Creamier

Image Credit: creamier.singapore

Waffles and ice cream — a match made in heaven and more so when you have them at Creamier. They have been around for over a decade and still attract many customers, both patrons and newcomers. Their secret? Honest-to-goodness sweet treats using only the best quality ingredients possible. Their signature golden waffles are made in-house, all crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Pair them with one or two scoops of handcrafted ice creams, namely Eary Grey Lavender, Plain Ole Chocolate or Sea Salt Gula Melaka, you get yourself a treat worth every bite. You can locate their original outlet at Toa Payoh or other branches such as Gillman Barracks and Tiong Bahru. | FB: creamier. singapore | IG: @creamier_sg

2) Hvala

Image Credit: HvalaSingapore

Crispy and chewy — those are the words best described for Hvala’s waffles. Or more specifically, the signature Dairy-Free Waffles with golden syrup, aromatic genmai (toasted rice) and a scoop of gelato such as Goma, Hokkaido milk or matcha. It’s a symphony of fragrant, bittersweet and creamy flavours that goes well with the nice and toasty, yet buttery waffles. You can find Hvala at CHIJMES, 111 Somerset, Craig Road and Takashimaya. | FB: HvalaSingapore | IG: @hvala_sg

3) Revelry

Image Credit: revelrysg

Be it sweet or savoury, Revelry has you all covered here to satisfy your respective taste buds. Not sure which one to order? First-timers would want to try The Original — Revelry’s signature Belgian waffle sprinkled with icing sugar with sides of butter and maple syrup. But if you prefer something filling, they have choices like Reverly Signature Burffle (waffle cheeseburger with homemade grilled beef patty), Chicken & Waffles and Waffle Benedict (poached eggs, crispy bacon, baby spinach and hollandaise sauce on a waffle).

FB: revelrysg | IG: @revelry_sg

4) Sunday Folks

Sunday Folks
Image Credit: sundayfolks.singapore

Sunday Folks doesn’t take shortcuts when making its sweet treats. And that means everything is made fresh in-house daily. Their signature Belgian waffles are freshly baked upon order using quality ingredients, namely 100% pure butter. Topping the waffles is one of their freshly churned ice creams such as Earl Grey Lavender, Dark Chocolate Ferrero or Creme Caramel. Now, that’s an unforgettable Sunday, every day no matter if it’s day or night. | FB: sundayfolks.singapore | IG: @wearesunday

5) Waffl.

Image Credit: wafflsg

How come something as simple as a piece of buttermilk waffle (styled as Buttermilk Waffl.) can be this delicious? The answer lies in how a good waffle should be: crispy and fluffy with a buttery aroma. It tastes good on its own but more so if you top your waffle with a scoop of gelato. They also offer savoury waffles a.k.a. Waffl. Burgers. Each order comes with a side of cheesy chips. You can have your waffle “burger” paired with Spicy Chicken, Kimchi Chicken, Smoked Salmon or Mashed Tuna. Finally, make it a meal by just topping up with a drink of your choice at a fraction of the price.

FB: wafflsg | IG: @wafflsg

6) Wishes Cafe

Wishes Cafe
Image Credit: Kwan Kee Ng

Wishes Cafe knows a thing or two about baking aromatic buttermilk waffles that taste fresh, fluffy and crispy. Top that with their freshly homemade, guilt-free (thanks to their reduced sugar) gelato, it’s a tasty combo which has many customers singing praises. Their gelato flavours cover from classic to interesting choices like Chocolate Chip Mint, 100% MSW Durian and Lychee Rose, just to name a few.

FB: wishescafesg | IG: @wishescafesg

7) Fat Boss Waffles and Ice Cream

Fat Boss Waffles and Ice Cream
Image Credit: Fat Boss Waffles and Ice Cream

If you like your waffles crispy, airy and fluffy, Fat Boss Waffles and Ice Cream might be your go-to spot. They offer different types of waffles, covering the good old Classic Waffle drizzled with maple syrup to the Premium Waffle (pandan flavoured with Gula Melaka sauce) and the unique Nian Gao Waffle. Best enjoyed with a scoop or two of handcrafted gelatos such as Yogurt Speculoos, Chocolate Mint and Salted Caramel Almond.

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8) Carrara

Image Credit: carraracafesg

Carrara offers the best of both worlds — sweet and savoury waffles. For the former, they complement well with one (or up to 4 scoops!) of their many freshly handmade gelatos. They have classic and unique flavours from Vanilla to Bluepea Lemongrass Pandan, Espresso Biscoff and Earl Grey Lavender. If you prefer savoury types, try one of their hearty All Day Breakfast options such as their signature Big Breakfast and Turkey Bacon Eggs Benedict. | FB: carraracafesg | IG: @carraracafesg

9) Crescent Waffle & Sandwich Shop

Crescent Waffle & Sandwich Shop
Image Credit: CRESCENT waffle & sandwich shop

True to its name, Crescent Waffle & Sandwich Shop made its waffles, well, in a crescent shape with a fragrant pandan aroma. Each waffle is baked fresh upon order and it’s best enjoyed while it’s still hot. You can enjoy it plain or pair with a filling like kaya, black sesame or even ondeh ondeh. Not to mention a savoury waffle in the form of ham & cheese. Need more filling in your pandan waffle? Simply add another one of your favourite choices at a fraction of the price.

IG: @crescent.waffles

10) Waffle Zone

Waffle Zone
Image Credit: Muhammad Faisal Roseli

Waffle Zone doesn’t skimp on the ingredients when comes to making its waffles. They use only high-quality flour and SCS butter and above all, they bake them fresh daily. You can pick the classic, bowl or cone types and top it with a scoop of delicious gelato, offering flavours like Hazelnut and Belgian Chocolate. Complete your order with toppings of your choice such as maple syrup, banana slices and chocolate chips. Waffle Zone also offers savoury types, namely Cheese Waffle Chicken.

IG: @wafflezonesg

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