Top 10 Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Top 10 Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore
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Bored with all the mass-produced items commonly found in supermarkets and grocery stores? If you are looking for something healthier and don’t mind spending just a little bit more, check out these Top 10 Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore!

1) Nut Culture

Nut Culture

They may be primarily known for their 100% vegan cheese wheels such as Garlic & Herbs and Smoked Paprika, but Nut Culture also means serious business when it comes to producing great-tasting nut butter using 100% organic nuts. You can eat it straight from the jar or spread it on your favourite toast or cracker. For more info on how to get your hands on one of Nut Culture’s amazing products, feel free to give them a call at +65 8710 7328.

FB: Nutculturesg | IG: @nutculture

2) Jewels Rock Sugar

Jewels Rock Sugar

Jewels is no stranger to producing high-quality rock sugar, given their illustrious history since 1947. Their signature crystallised rock sugar sticks are versatile for eating them as candy or stirring them into your favourite beverage such as coffee or tea. They come in different flavours too, namely jujube, French Vanilla and Lemon Fiesta. You can shop online right here or locate their retail outlets throughout Singapore. | FB: jewelsrocksugar | IG: @jewelsrocksugar

3) Kroodi

Kroodi’s award-winning artisan cashew cheese is all made with only natural ingredients and organically-grown cashew nuts. That means no artificial preservatives, colourings or additives whatsoever. And the good news is, their range of cheese is suitable even for those who are lactose intolerant. They are great as a standalone snack or to be paired with burgers, sandwiches and pastas. Shop online right here or find them at one of these selected locations in Singapore. | FB: | IG:

4) Mofo Chili

Mofo Chili

Mofo Chili is the brainchild of sisters Monica and Foi, where they specialise in halal & vegan-friendly chilli condiment. There are three types of Mofo Chili available here — all cheekily named as Final Destination (Level 10), Mofo Gunpowder (Level 7) and Dodge The Bullet (Level 5). Best paired with ramen, meat or even as a dipping sauce on its own! You can check out their list of stockists available throughout Singapore and even Indonesia. Alternatively, simply reach out to Monica via or fill in the enquiry form right here. | FB: MofoChili | IG: @mofochili

5) The Hunters’ Kitchenette

The Hunters' Kitchenette

Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Herbert Salim and Natalia, The Hunters’ Kitchenette specialises in premium nut butter. All of the nuts are carefully handpicked and made with care using the dry-roasted, low-temperature technique. This is to ensure the nuts’ natural fatty acids are retained with no added chemicals whatsoever. Some of their available nut flavours include almond, cashew and pistachio. Shop their range of products right here or locate them at one of these physical retailers. | FB: hunterskitchenette | IG: @the_hunters_kitchenette

6) Tempeh Culture

Tempeh Culture

At Tempeh Culture, you will find every product is made-to-order using only quality ingredients. In other words, they source their non-GMO soybeans all the way from Australian farms through carefully-selected suppliers. They also ensure that each of their tempeh is handmade using a hand mill, fermented in leaves and individually wrapped with wax papers. There are several types of tempeh are available here, namely soy as well as soy & roasted sesame seeds. You can place your order by filling up the form or send them a DM via Instagram. | FB: | IG: @tempehculture

7) Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate

From sourcing only the high-quality cacao from trusted growers and fermentaries to manual processing, Fossa Chocolate has dedicated its craft to delivering the finest handcrafted chocolate possible. Which means their chocolate-making process regardless of sorting, roasting or refining are all made in small batches in their workshop. You can check out their range of premium chocolate right here or locate their list of stockists throughout Singapore. | FB: fossachocolate | IG: @fossachocolate

8) Wild Butter Co.

Wild Butter Co.

Quality ingredients and natural sweeteners — these are the two key factors that define Wild Butter Co.’s core philosophy in delivering all-natural nut butter. They contain no added sugar, artificial flavour and preservatives, making them a healthy choice for all the health nuts (no pun intended) out there! Interestingly enough, their range of nut butter comes with real flavours such as matcha, cranberry and earl grey. Shop your favourite nut butter right here or drop them an email via | FB: wildbutterco | IG: @wildbutterco

9) Holymoleydips


Holymoleydips specialises in homemade hummus, which is vegan-friendly as well as dairy-free and free of preservatives. You can opt for their classic varieties, which combine their own blend of chickpeas, tahini (ground sesame seeds paste) and various spices. If you prefer something fancy, check out their spicy-sour Harissa & Habanero or the savoury Marmite & Caramelised Onions. Great for almost all kinds of dips such as chips, pita bread or as salad dressing! Shop online or contact them at +65 8133 3721 for more info. | FB: holymoleydips | IG: @holymoleydips

10) Nuts About Butter

Nuts About Butter

Nuts About Butter’s range of nut butter is all made fresh in small batches with no added preservatives or artificial flavourings.  Five types of nut butter are available here: Almond Original, Almond Macadamia, Almond Cashew as well as Almond Black Sesame and Almond Sesame. You can find their products islandwide at places such as Naiise and Redmart. For other general enquiries, simply reach to them via email at or call +65 9880 0510. | FB: nutsaboutbutter | IG: @nutsaboutbutter

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