10 Snacks to Accompany Your Next Show/Movie Binge

You’re probably thinking that you don’t really need a guide on movie snacks, and we’d agree. But this isn’t a guide. This is more of a suggestion piece, and we paired things up based on the type of show/movie. Like we said, not a guide. We just went with our instincts. And possibly our cravings. At any rate, this should contain both snack and show/movie suggestions, so… killing two birds with one stone, we think.

1) Butterbeer for Harry Potter

Sure, butterbeer may not have been introduced till Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (that’s book/movie 3 if you’re not familiar), but it’s now pretty much representative of the franchise as much as Harry himself. They sell it at Universal Studios, but there are plenty of recipes you can try out at home. Also, despite its name, butterbeer is family-friendly and safe for kids–unless you add in alcohol yourself. Check out butterbeer recipes here or here.

Image Credit: travelandleisure.com

2) Mala Xiang Guo for C-dramas

Well… this isn’t a snack, really, but who could resist the temptation, especially since we do love a bit of a spicy kick in our food? If you feel like cooking up your own, by all means. Let us help you by telling you you can get mala xiang guo paste on Lazada or Shopee, otherwise, you can easily get them delivered to you with food delivery options. Perfect to enjoy with dramas like Yanxi Palace, Eternal Loveand Ashes of Love to name a few.

Image Credit: futuredish.com

3) Ice Cream for Heart Wrenchers

i.e. Sob fest. Just let ice cream save the day. It’s okay if you eat it straight from the tub. I know I’ve done it before. You know what’s it like, so here are some shows you can watch if you need a good cry, or at least your heart wrenched: Five Feet Apart, Coco, La La Land, WandaVision… sorry the tears blurred my vision. You get the idea. I’m off to get ice cream.

4) (French) Pastries & Tea for Emily in Paris and Bridgerton

Yes, I’m totally in love with both these series, and many a time I envisioned myself walking the streets of Paris and London alternatively. (I know most of the filming happened in Bath, but let me be.) Apparently these shows are not for everybody, but if you want to check them out or rewatch them, grab a pain au chocolat or macaroons, and make a cup of tea. Ben Barnes from Shadow and Bone teaches you how to make the perfect cup of tea in one of his many interviews, but I can’t remember which one. Anyway. All these shows are some of my personal favourites, which is why I’m still typing. I’ll stop now. Enjoy.

5) Korean Fried Chicken for K-dramas

Cliche? Maybe. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t like fried chicken, and Korean fried chicken has gained its own cult following. Pair it with some refreshing soju (or cold drink of your choice), and it’s perfect as you settle down to watch dramas like Hotel Del LunaVincenzo, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. You can also look forward to soon-to-come titles on Netflix like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha and D.P. If you’re looking for halal Korean fried chicken especially, we’ve gotchu right here.

6) Peanut Butter Sandwich for Avengers

Look, a peanut butter sandwich doesn’t sound very Avengers-…ish, but if Black Widow deems it good enough during times of crisis and heartbreak (Avengers: Endgame), it’s good enough as a movie snack. Okay, so maybe the peanut butter sandwich isn’t going to last you throughout all the movies if you go through all of them, but make your own versions. Hey, sometimes the best food is the simplest food. Buttered toast especially is my jam. Jam on bread is also my jam.

7) Cake for Rom-Coms

Cake is good enough for any occasion, but I’ve long since made a connection between rom-coms and cake, and I can’t figure out why. Plenty of cake delivery services are available, not to mention that cake choices are abundant. Speaking of which, rom-coms, yes. Allow us to direct you to the “Romantic Comedies” tab on Netflix. I notice La La Land is also here, and I guess it counts as both rom-com and a heart wrencher. I’m still not over the ending.

8) Pizza for Luca

Yes, yes, it’s pretty stereotypical of me to match up Italian food to a show that’s set in Italy, but why not? Pizza, good. Luca, also good. Spoiler: they don’t actually eat pizza in the show, but they do eat pasta. And if pasta floats your boat and you’re the type who watches shows during mealtimes, it works too. Confession: I actually pretty much eat pizza with any show because I love pizza. Speaking of which, get pizza delivered to you, and I’m not talking about big chains, though you can opt for them too, of course.

9) Soy Milk and Fried Dough (Doujiang Youtiao) for Taiwanese Shows

Actually, the first thing that popped into my head was Taiwanese sausage, then I thought of doujiang youtiao, which seemed infinitely more comforting to me, so I went with that. Anyway, you could probably get soy milk easily, depending on what you like, or you can make it yourself using a soya bean milk maker, but here’s a recipe to make youtiao at home. I’m not sure if these are deliverable, but you can give it a go. A selection of Taiwanese shows is available on Netflix, but I’m afraid I don’t recognise 99.9% of the titles. The titles I know from memory are probably from like 20 years ago, like Meteor GardenSmiling Pasta, and My Lucky Star. The hype was real back then.

Image Credit: misstamchiak.com

10) Popcorn/Chips/Fries

Last but not least, the most versatile of all snacks. I’ve been conditioned to think that popcorn goes with any movie, and that fries are good to eat at all times. Not a fan of chips though. Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed this mish-mash of food and show combos, and you’ll be enjoying your next binge, inspired by this. Have fun!