Top 10 Healthy Pet Food Deliveries in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Healthy Pet Food Deliveries in KL & Selangor
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Gone are the days where purchasing pet food means you have to travel all the way to a nearby pet shop or supermarket. Just like humans can enjoy the convenience of meal delivery services, there are numerous pet food deliveries available regardless of meat, treats or baked goods. And what’s more, today’s pet food deliveries also offer healthy varieties that use only 100% fresh ingredients with no added chemicals. Here are the recommended Top 10 Healthy Pet Food Deliveries in KL & Selangor!

1) Coco & Joe BARF

Coco & Joe BARF

For years, Mr Ang Eng Keong’s — the founder of Coco & Joe BARF — raw diet recipes have been a go-to healthy staple for many cats and dogs. He insists that only 100% all-natural, human-grade fresh whole food is used for the recipes. That means you will find no trace of meat dust or rendered meat whatsoever. Coco & Joe BARF’s range of wholesome meat products also contains other nutrient-rich ingredients such as leafy greens, fruits, sprouts and ground flaxseed for added vitamins and fibre. You can find their products in over 140 pet shops throughout Peninsular Malaysia. | FB: Coco & Joe BARF

2) Barf King Malaysia

Barf King Malaysia

Expect real wholesome food when you shop for Barf King’s range of pet food products. You will find no additives, artificial colourings or fillers since Barf King understands that every furkid deserves to eat healthy just like humans do. Each of their products has its own labels made suitable for certain categories, namely Organic Chicken (for gastrointestinal care) and Moolicious Beef (for building strong and lean muscles). They even have hypoallergenic food products specially dedicated for pets with sensitive skin issues. And if you are looking to save your money in the long run, check out their value-for-money monthly meal packages. | FB: barfkingmalaysia | IG: @barfkingmalaysia

3) Barkery Oven

Barkery Oven

Barkery Oven prides itself for being the only pet bakery in Malaysia specialising in gluten- and grain-free pet treats. You can find healthy, yet delicious treats for your furkid(s) such as Turmeric Chicken Jerky (suitable for cats with arthritis), Mackerel & Parsley Bites (packed with Omega 3 goodness and vitamin B12) and air-dried Naturally Rabbit Ear (suitable for cleaning dog’s stomach and intestines). Rest assured that all of their products are 100% homemade using only fresh natural human-grade ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings at all. | FB: Barkeryoven | IG: @barkeryoven

4) Doggy Bag Malaysia

Doggy Bag Malaysia

Doggy Bag believes that good health starts with good nutrition. Which is why their pet food products are all made fresh using only all-natural ingredients. This includes the likes of whole meat chunks (e.g. beef, chicken and mutton), broccoli and brown rice — all of which contain nutrients for your canine’s dietary needs. There are basically three types of products here: Standard Range (for dogs with no allergies), Gourmet Range (for dogs who have food allergies or with fussy eating habits) and Supplements. The latter consists of nutrient-rich healthy snacks such as Cartilage Snack (raw mutton cartilage) and Spanish-styled Sardines (fresh sardines with fresh tomato sauce, selected herbs & spices). If you happen to be a first-time customer and are unsure about their products, simply opt for their 15-tub Starter Pack that allows your furkid to sample every flavour. | FB: doggybagmalaysia | IG: @doggybagmalaysia

5) Evo Pets Kitchen

Evo Pets Kitchen

Founded in 2017, Evo Pets Kitchen specialises in freshly-prepared homecooked pet food products. They use only human-grade food ingredients with no added salt, sugar, colouring and flavouring. Some of their available nutrient-rich pet food products include Beef Bonanza, Chicken Fiesta and Omega Boost (sardines). Available in 200gm or 500gm, you can check out their range of products right here.

FB: evopetskitchen

6) PledgeCare


Buying dog food has never been this convenient, thanks to PledgeCare’s order-from-online system. All you have to do is pick your preferred air-dried pet food product(s), add to cart and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Speaking of food, PledgeCare ensures that all of their products use only 100% fresh whole ingredients with no rendered meats, grains or artificial preservatives. They also provide free delivery services for any purchase above RM 50 and if you are a first-time customer, head on to their website and subscribe to receive a RM 15 voucher. | FB: PledgeCare | IG: @Pledgecareorg

7) Frozen Raw Dog Food Delivery Malaysia

Frozen Raw Dog Food Delivery Malaysia

Looking for raw meat to feed your dog? You might want to check out Frozen Raw Dog Food Delivery Malaysia. They specialise in raw dog food made from fresh frozen meat from beef, lamb & minced chicken with no harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial colouring. This is to ensure your dog receives all the essential nutrients for building stronger bones to promoting healthier skin and improving digestive system. To place your order, you can either WhatsApp or call 012-623 3126.

FB: DogFoodMalaysia | IG: @dogfoodmalaysia

8) Petchef


At Petchef, they source only the best quality food ingredients for your pets regardless of cats or dogs. All of their pet food are not only made with 100% fresh ingredients with no chemicals and fillers but also halal-friendly, making them suitable for Muslim pet owners. They have various meat recipes available such as chicken, buffalo, fish and salmon. Check out their monthly subscription price list or if you are unsure about it, simply answer a few questions right here to create your pet’s meal plan. | FB: PetchefMY | IG:

9) Pawz Bakery

Pawz Bakery

Every dog deserves not only a good treat but also something that is fresh and healthy at the same time. That’s the promise you’ll get from Pawz Bakery, where they use only the best quality ingredients with no added sugar and salt. Their products regardless of biscuits, cookies or cakes are all made to order to ensure quality and freshness. Pawz Bakery also provides custom-made cakes with doggie figurines starting from RM 42 (cupcake set) and RM 65 (whole cake). | FB: PawzBakery | IG: @pawzbakery

10) Blink Pets Bakery

Blink Pets Bakery

Blink Pets Bakery is no stranger to pet bakery business, given their decade of experience since August 2008. You can find various baked goods like birthday cakes, cookies, pies and croissants. All products are 100% handmade and contain no sugar, salt and preservatives. Blink Pets Bakery can be located at L2-08 in IPC Shopping Centre as well as other retailers in Peninsular Malaysia. Alternatively, you can purchase Blink Pets Bakery’s products from their online store. | FB: blinkpetsbakery | IG: @blink_pets_bakery

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