Top 10 Cafes in Skudai

Top 10 Cafes in Skudai
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There are plenty of cafes mushrooming around the Johor area and Skudai is no different. From coffees to local, Asian, and Western cuisines, we have compiled a recommended list of Top 10 Cafes in Skudai worth visiting.

1) SunShine Cafe

SunShine Cafe

SunShine Cafe serves all-day breakfast ranging from the hearty Big Breakfast to Ham & Cheese Omelette and Egg Mayo Croissant. The rest of their menu consists mainly of Asian and Western comfort food. Among their popular items include Popcorn Chicken Rice, Teriyaki Chicken Rice, Grilled Chicken Chop and Spaghetti Bolognese. Those who prefer burgers can look forward to their succulent Fried Chicken or Fish Fillet Burger, both of which are served with a side of crinkle-cut fries.

FB: Sunshinecafemutiaramas | IG: @sunshine_cafe_mutiaramas

2) One:15

One 15

Start your day fresh with One:15’s signature Egg Box Breakfast — a protein-packed combo consisting of Norwegian smoked salmon, pan-fried organic egg as well as sausage & bacon strips, just to name a few. They also specialise in freshly roasted coffee and other comfort food like pasta (Mushroom Aglio Olio and Singapore Chilli Crab Pasta) and souffle pancakes. For the latter, they only make them fresh upon order. They have a few choices here, namely the Original Japanese Souffle Pancakes and Biscoff Souffle Pancakes.

FB: one15coffee | IG: @onefifteen_jb

3) Maco Cafe Sutera Utama

Maco Cafe Sutera Utama

Love mille crepe? With over 20 different flavours from Banana Chocolate to Original Vanilla and Musang Durian, Maco Cafe has them all worth trying here. For something filling, they also serve meals like burger sets, homemade 8-inch thin-crust pizzas, and pasta. The latter allows you to choose from either spaghetti or penne. | FB: MacoCafeBakery | IG: @macocafejb

4) Journeydotcom小城故事


Journeydotcom’s rice dishes is the main highlight here, ranging from Braised Pork Rice to Japanese Fried Chicken with Rice, Korean Bibimbap, and Thai Green Curry Fried Rice. Don’t forget to cool down with one of their fruit or milk tea specialities, namely Peach Oolong and Pearl Milk Tea. | FB: journeydotcom | IG: @tinymemories_my

5) AnMour Café

AnMour Café

Here’s a popular homegrown American-style restaurant, which has several outlets in Johor Bahru. Start your meal with one of their nourishing soup varieties such as Manhattan Clam Chowder or Minestrone Soup. For appetisers, they have several choices like Chicken Wing, Hawaiian Quesadilla, and Tomato & Mushroom Crostini. Moving on to their mains, you will find comfort foods like pasta, chops, steaks, and burgers. | FB: anmour | IG: @anmour_cafe

6) Kafuka Cafe & Music Studio

Kafuka Cafe & Music Studio

Located one floor above the shop lot, Kafuka Cafe & Music Studio serves different types of cakes with assorted flavours like Matcha Azuki Bean, Mango Tieguanyin Chiffon, and Matcha Burnt Cheesecake. While patrons are mostly here for cakes and coffees, the cafe also includes other varieties like Fish & Chips, Karaage Chicken Burger and Big Breakfast.

FB: kafukacafe | IG: @kafukacafe

7) Fam Cafe

Fam Cafe

Fam Cafe’s speciality lies in their fusion food varieties, offering wholesome brunches like Organic Egg Benedict, Salmon Mash and Karaage Burger. For pasta lovers, they have classic choices like Carbonara or go adventurous with their Hakka-style Thunder Pesto. If you prefer rice bowls, their menu features the likes of Beefy Bowl, Teriyaki Bowl and Japanese-inspired Karaage Bowl.

FB: famcafejb | IG: @famcafe_jb

8) 9 Story Cafe

9 Story Cafe

Good portions and affordable prices make 9 Story Cafe a favourite among many regular customers. Their menu includes both local and Western cuisines such as rice & noodle dishes and chicken chops. For the latter, they offer various serving styles from egg & cheese to Mongolian sauce and salted egg sauce.

FB: 9storycafe | IG: @9storycafe

9) GC Good Coffee Sutera

GC Good Coffee Sutera

With an illustrious 70 years of history in coffee making, GC Good Coffee’s signature white coffee is undoubtedly a must-order item. Apart from coffee, their menu also covers assorted selections like homemade toast (kaya + cold butter, margarine + sugar or peanut butter), sandwiches, nasi lemak, and Hainanese chicken chop. | FB: GCHybridCoffeeSutera | IG: @gc_goodcoffee

10) Moons Cafe

Moons Cafe

Serving both local and Western dishes, Moons Cafe has them all covered. If you are looking for recommendations, do try their bestselling Nasi Lemak Special or Grilled Chicken Chop with Rice. They also serve toasts with various fillings like butter + kaya, peanut butter and Nutella. Not to be left out is their signature rice sets, where some of them are cooked in Nyonya styles (among them includes rendang chicken, curry beef and ayam masak merah). Pasta as well as burgers and chicken chops, in the meantime, dominate most of their Western menu choices. | FB: Moons.Malaysia

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