I Never Used to Cook, Then Everything Changed When I Became a Mother

“Why bother?” was the question I most frequently thought to myself in regards to cooking. Think about it: cooking is extremely time-consuming and troublesome. You have to decide on what dishes to cook, prep the ingredients, do the actual cooking, and then clean up. Not to mention that some dishes can be complicated to prepare. All that just for a meal which takes like minutes to devour? Seriously, why bother? Just tapao la. But all that changed when I became a mother.

My Cooking Evolution

Amongst certain friends, whenever my name is mentioned, “cooking” is the first thing they associate me with. That hasn’t always been the case though, and if you ask me, my hobby is definitely not cooking. So before getting married and becoming a mom, I never used to cook. My interest for cooking was ignited after having a family of my own. Very simply put, I cook out of a basic desire to provide healthy, nutritious meals for my kids and my family to my best ability. My kids are rather picky and somehow do not like to eat much too, and this pushed me to prepare food that will entice them both in taste and presentation, which is my favourite part of cooking. It’s a joy to see my kids light up when I prepare their favourite food for them.

Dinner as a Family Activity

At the moment, I cook two meals a day: lunch and dinner. Lunch is simpler than dinner, because for lunch I just cater to my kids, so I usually cook quick and easy meals like noodles. For me, dinner is more important, and an integral part of bonding, because it’s when my husband comes home from work, and all of us sit down at the dining table to dine–as a family. We exchange stories, and bond over home-cooked meals. Laughter and love fills the space, and I think to myself, this is my world, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I also make it a point to take some pictures to send to my family members, most notably my mom. It’s just a way to reassure her that I’m okay; that we’re all okay. I can cook, and feed myself and my family!

Experimenting with New Recipes

One of my absolute favourite dishes to cook is yong tau foo. I’m Hakka, so it’s a dish close to my heart, which I grew up with. Even though I didn’t help to make this dish a lot, the memory of how to prepare it is ingrained deeply in my brain just by observing, and today I just really enjoy making this dish. Another dish that I really enjoy cooking is lemon chicken, which is my husband’s favourite, and I’m always looking for ways to improve the recipe. Recently, I’ve taken experimenting with dishes up a notch, because I’ve discovered a super helpful non-stick frying wok pan, the NUYEO Namu Series.

NUYEO Namu Series Non-Stick Marble Coating Frying Wok Pan

First off, here’s a summary of how I’d describe the NUYEO Namu Series frying wok pan:

  • Light
  • Thin (and therefore a good heat conductor)
  • Non-stick (which means less oil)
  • Deep
  • Easy to clean

I’ve cooked a couple of dishes using this wok, ranging from a simple omelette to pasta, fried rice to stir-fried chicken, and they all turned out beautifully. Since it’s non-stick, I can use less oil, and my dishes are healthier as a result. When you cook different dishes, there’s also no need to wash the wok in between; simply grab a kitchen towel, wipe it down, and you’re good to go. Thanks to the depth of the wok, the ingredients won’t go flying as well. As it’s lightweight, it’s suitable for all age ranges, including expecting mothers or even the elderly, who may have less strength. I’ve used cooking utensils that threatened to break my arm when I try to lift it, and it’s not fun. I personally think it’s not the best for deep-frying, but it’s perfect for almost every other method of cooking.

NUYEO Namu Series is Now My Favourite Wok Pan

I’m hyped to explore more dishes and recipes with this wok pan, and I’m very happy that this is now in my arsenal of cooking utensils. Basically, it’s a wok pan that helps you save time and effort in cooking, and it’s my favourite wok pan I’ve used to date. Here are a few things I’ve learned using NUYEO Namu Series Non-Stick Marble Coating Frying Wok Pan:

  • It comes with a glass lid, so you could even steam food with it
  • It’s available in three sizes: 28 cm, 30 cm, and 32 cm, so larger families should get the larger sizes
  • It’s really easy to clean because it’s non-stick, a simple wash with a soft surface when you’re done would suffice
  • This might be general knowledge, but don’t use metal utensils with this wok pan; use wooden or silicon ones instead

I’m stopping here to get back to cooking, but you can visit NUYEO’s online shop at Shopee to view their products, and get one for yourself. Also, let me know if you have some great recipes for lemon chicken to share? 😀