Inspired by the world’s 50BEST restaurant, The Alchemy organised the first 50BEST competition in Malaysia: 50BEST MIXOLOGISTS. A mixologist and a bartender are professions that seem cool and mysterious to people as it is often related to night life ambience, quality music and lighting. The flair and mixing is also attractive as juggling shaker tins and throwing beverages up into the air is not just a mere performance, but a level of engagement as well.


50BEST MIXOLOGISTS is a mystery black box competition. Contestants are required to create a new drink of their own based on the ingredients provided in the black box under 8 minutes. The ingredients provided are all Muslim-friendly. How would drinks created with unknown ingredients under a limited amount of time taste? Alcohol, the main ingredient in most drinks is also taken out. What are the infinite possibilities using only these everyday ingredients? Who would be most creative?

Image Credit: The Alchemy

The Alchemy as the Organiser

Jermaine Lim from The Alchemy, stated that through this event, they wish to inspire and recognize mixology talents in Malaysia and beyond. The team has the intention to raise standards so that it matches international standards. It is also their goal to elevate the F&B industry one step at a time. For this event, the organiser was honored to have esteemed sponsors from various companies such as BMC Mall, NSK, Halal Chinese Confinement Food (HCCF), Monin, DaVincci, SHOTT Beverage, Cute Trend and Riding Pink. Not forgetting partners from Brew House, Tea Dayz, Sheraton PJ, KL Food Duo and AGLOW Art Festivals.

Image Credit: The Alchemy

Judges & Guests

Judges include:

  • Ms. Jermaine Lim, co-host of 50BEST Mixologists, from The Alchemy
  • Mr. Muligan, Manager of Brew House
  • Mr. Erik Fiza, bartender for over 20 years, Beverage Manager of Suzie Wong
  • Mr. Iko In, influencer from the design industry

A huge shout out to Mr. Iko In (In Publisher), Ms. Zara Agnes (HCCF) and also Ms. Noelle Nah (AGLOW Art Festivals)! This event received compliments from judges, sponsors and partners. Mr. Iko mentioned that this competition was an eye-opener to the industry; Ms. Zara had a favourite drink; while Ms. Noelle simply enjoyed our event!

Image Credit: The Alchemy

Come Mix with The Alchemy!

This is only the first contest, with more coming up in September, October and November. There will also be a grand finale in December where all Top 3’s from the previous rounds will gather again to compete. Enter and stand a chance to bring back RM1,000 cash! For more updates, you can follow The Alchemy’s Facebook page or Instagram!

Image Credit: The Alchemy