Let Your Kids Join Dora And Have An Adventure In The Lost City Of Gold!

Image credit: thecurve.com.my and forbes.com

Does anyone remember sitting in front of the TV watching Dora run around on her adventures? Did anyone else shout “Swiper No Swiping!” out loud or is that just me? Kids today have been gifted with a live action Dora movie so I guess they’ll be shouting at the big screen.

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Image credit: facebook.com/theCurveShoppingMall

Dora is taking over the big screen and she’s on one of her biggest adventures yet. While trying to figure out her life at high school she also investigates the mystery behind a lost civilisation. Also, she needs to save her parents. No big deal for a 16-year old am I right?

But is it just the big screen that she’s moving to? Nope! Dora and the Lost City of Gold will also be at the Curve. They want to bring the adventure to you and all the little ones who are brave enough.

Image credit: instagram.com/thecurve_official

The Curve will be bringing the Amazon jungle to take over their Centre Court. Walking through it will allow you to see what Dora sees while she’s running around. It will also be a great change of scenery and pace after a long day of shopping.

A Jungle Jeep that looks like the one in the movie will also be part of the decoration. Make sure everyone dresses the part so you guys can totally blend into the scene. Your pictures will be perfect and everyone will know you went on an adventure.

Kids will also get to zoom across the jungle on a zipline. The line runs from one end of the mall to the other and is completely free for children to ride. It will be like they’re swinging from the tree vines.

Image credit: instagram.com/thecurve_official

Don’t miss out all the fun carnival games that will also be there. Think of the popular games like Ring Toss, Feeding the Monkey, and Shooting the Cans. There’s also going to be a claw machine filled with Dora plush toys.

What are you waiting for? Round up the kids and bring them for a great adventure at the Curve! Don’t forget to check out the Curve’s Facebook and Instagram.