Ultraman Is Officially Joining The Avengers In The Marvel Universe!

Image credit: worldofbuzz.com and empireonline.com

Many of us grew up with the experience of rushing through our food in order to catch our favourite TV shows. One of the many that we all enjoyed is definitely Ultraman! Who could resist watching the silver and red figure on screen battle against giant monsters. Now Ultraman is officially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Image credit: thestar.com.my

That’s right! Our favourite superhero from the East will be joining the acclaimed universe of the Avengers. However, the works that will involve Ultraman seem to be limited to only print. This includes graphic novels, comics, and more.

Moving on, it is also likely that he won’t be fighting alongside Black Panther, Hawkeye, or Thor. The Japanese hero will instead exist in a different timeline from our popular superheroes.

Marvel Entertainment Comic Con 2019
Image credit: asahi.com

Marvel Entertainment officially made the announcement during the Tokyo Comic Con. In fact, the partnership with Tsuburaya Productions will bring fans new stories beginning in 2020.

Moreover, it sounds like fans can expect new stories that pay tribute to the earliest days of the Japanese superhero. It will also include the larger picture and lore of the Ultras. There will definitely be lots of content as the superhero has about six decades of success.

In the Twitter post from Marvel Entertainment, the company also made the announcement of all-new stories. This means that we will get completely new content! It’s going to be so awesome to see Ultraman recreated with today’s technology.

In order to preserve the essence of the Japanese superhero, Marvel Entertainment will be working closely with Tsuburaya Productions. The studio is responsible for the creation of our favourite superhero while growing up.

It’s definitely exciting news to see how different heroes from all around the world are joining the Marvel Universe.