Malaysia’s Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cafés

Malaysia's Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cafés
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If you thought hanging out in a café meant leaving your pet behind, think again. Today, more cafes in Malaysia are allowing customers to feast with their pets. Some of them even have in-house pets entertaining you! If you are an animal lover, look out for these 10 avenues where you can spend time conjugating with cute animals while enjoying a meal together.

1) The Huskitory


Located at Malacca, Huskitory is a playground for Huskies and a place-to-be for all Husky lovers. Primarily a pet store and pet grooming salon, Huskitory also brings about a cosy area where you can enjoy some coffee and cakes. What makes it unique at Huskitory is of course the time you get to spend with the cute huskies that hang out at the café.

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2) Purrfect Cat Café


Purrfect Cat Café is the “purrfect” place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a cat by your side. Dubbed a cat lovers paradise in Penang, the café takes pride in imbedding all things catty, from cat-shaped teapots to cat related merchandises. The two-storey building has a retail store at the ground floor and on the first floor, there are two sections. One is a cat zone where you can interact freely with the cats, and the other zone is a café area.

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3) S Garden Café


How about dining in with cute pugs and poodles? S Garden Café offers you just that. With a comfortable and pet-friendly environment, S Garden welcomes you to enjoy delicious food and dessert together with your pet. S Garden Café is loved for going the extra mile to also provide food for your furkids, so they can “eat out” too. | FB: SGardenCafe

4) Bean Me Up


Bean Me Up in Johor Bahru is known for their dedication in providing the best services for you and your pets. Bean Me Up believes in making your furkids feel at home; they are applauded for delicious and affordable food for not just pet owners, but pets too.

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5) Barks Bunnies Café


As their name suggests, Barks Bunnies Café is a rabbit petting and pet-friendly café. Look no further than Bark Bunnies if you are looking for a place to dine and mingle with rabbits or your furkids. With a designated air-conditioned pet-friendly area and a rabbit petting area, Bark Bunnies Café is ideal for kids, family and friends to gather. They also serve specialty coffee and pork-free meals for you and your furkids.

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6) The Hound


Founded in 2015, the Hound is an up and coming pet café. It is a hangout that’s hopelessly devoted to dogs, with a galore of canine portraits on the walls. It’s a lovely space that feels deeply personal and cosy.

FB: thehoundcafe | IG: @thehoundcafe

7) Bark&Bean


“Fusing local café culture with our furry kids’ lifestyle” is how Bark&Bean describes themselves. Located in Penang, this pet café offers a mouth-watering variety of food for both humans and pets. This café aims to please animal lovers who don’t have pets themselves by letting them pet and play with furry friends at their place.

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8) Clawset Café


Clawset is relatively a newcomer in the pet-friendly café scene. The café serves a delicious variety of waffles, cakes, mocktails, snacks, tea and coffee. Plus, the place is filled with doggies and even a cat. These pets are free to roam free around the café for customers to play and pet. Next door there is even a pet store and grooming centre called Furry Tales Pet Lifestyle Store.

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9) CuBs & CuPs


CuBs & CuPs is here today because of an inspiration to provide an exciting retail experience for pet lovers. This inspiration is capably carried out through their daily mission to provide quality food at fair prices, to provide great service, a clean environment to dine and play, to treat all with respect, and finally to be socially responsible. So if you are looking to have an experience here, you’re sure to get the best for your buck.

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10) Purradise Cat Café


Purradise Cat Café is a social enterprise with an aim to support and improve animal welfare and their holistic well-being. Their ultimate goal is to foster rescue cats and to rehabilitate them, before finding them a new home. They run a self-sustaining business model which means proceeds will be reinvested into pet fostering and re-homing initiatives. Essentially, Purradise isn’t only a paradise for pets, but also for good hearted people.

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That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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