Malaysia’s Top 10 Burger Outlets

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The burger revolution in Malaysia is picking up speed, as more locals favour different and unique combinations that go beyond just a meat patty stuffed in between a bun. From fusion flavoured concoctions to chunky burgers that will satisfy even the fussiest carnivore, here are Malaysia’s Top 10 Burger Outlets, as voted by you!

1) Big Hug Burger


This pork free establishment is located in Subang Square and is open daily. Here you can get a whole range of burgers as well as other dishes and side orders to fill you up. There is bound to be something for everyone, with choices of chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and even a vegetarian burger. They also have a food truck that makes the rounds sometimes, so check out their Facebook to find out their next stop!

FB : Big Hug Burger | IG: @bighugburger

2) myBurgerLab


myBurgerLab has become one of the most well-known burger brands in Malaysia, easily identified by their signature charcoal buns and unique combinations. They’ve been cooking up a storm since 2012, and now they have two outlets – one in Sea Park and one more in OUG. Beef and chicken burgers are mainly offered, though they do have one option for vegetarians. Look out for their monthly specials and promotions for new items.

FB : myBurgerLab | IG: @myburgerlab

3) Burger Kaw Kaw


Burgers don’t always have to feature Western flavours. Take Burger Kaw Kaw for example, they’ve got a very Malaysian twist to their burgers, and all patties and buns are made from scratch too. Now they have several kiosks and are quite a success story. Get yourself some burgers (they sometimes have specials in addition to their regular menu)  and don’t forget to pair it with some cheesy fries for added oomph. They are open daily from 6.30 pm till late. | FB: burgerbakarkawkaworiginal | IG: @kawkawburger

4) Burgertory


You’ll be stuck in Burgertory, once you see the choices available. Head over to SS15 in Subang to grab one of their burgers. Here you can get pork burgers with many different toppings and sauces, but there are also classic beef and chicken burgers, and a few options for meat-free burgers too. They also have options other than burgers, and a selection of sides, but how can you resist one anyway?

FB: Burgertory

5) Fatboy’s


Fatboy’s burgers are highly customizable, from the choice of bun and meat right up to the sauces and toppings. If you cannot decide from the wealth of choices, you can always select one of their specialty burgers, where all the decisions have been made for you and you simply have to enjoy your meal. This non-halal establishment has an outlet in Publika, and one at Avenue K. | FB: Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Malaysia | IG:

6) KGB


Killer Gourmet Burgers, or KGB for short, are taking burgers up a notch by putting a classier twist to a fast food favourite. Yes, you can get the classic combination of a burger, fries and a soft drink here, but the burgers are definitely a step up from what you’ll find at a fast food joint. Beef, chicken and vegetarian choices are available. Chicken is either fried or grilled, while the beef is either grilled or crust-seared to perfection. Check out their outlets in Taman Tun, Bangsar, Mid Valley or TREC KL. | FB: KGB – Killer Gourmet Burgers | IG: @kgb.killer.gourmet.burgers

7) Burger Bakar Abang Burn


Burger Bakar Abang Burn has practically evolved to become a homegrown franchise, with outlets throughout the nation. They may have only a few choices of chicken and beef burgers, but they are hearty, delicious and affordable. Go for their basic choices or level up to enjoy a special, like their Burger Tower, which is certainly not for the faint of heart! Other than that, there are also several side dishes and options for kids, so there’s food for the whole family to enjoy. | FB: Burger Bakar Abang Burn

8) BurgerByte


BurgerByte claims their burgers are “grilled with soul”, so if it’s comfort food you need this should be the next on your food adventure list! If you simply must lay off the carbs, then they’ve got just the right thing for you, with their Fabulous Naked Burger. It’s served without a bun and features additional vegetables. They already have a whopping 14 outlets open throughout Malaysia, so you know this is one you shouldn’t miss! | FB: BurgerByte

9) Daily Grind @Bangsar


Tucked away in a corner at the Lower Ground of Bangsar Village 1 is Daily Grind, which is so cozy you’ll not want to leave. This feeling will probably be heightened once you bite into one of their burgers. They have monthly specials to keep things interesting, but their usual offerings are just as tantalizing, with choices inspired by various places around the world. G’Day Burger is very Australian, whilst Downtown Tokyo burger of course is inspired by | FB: The Daily Grind Gourmet Burgers

10) Spade’s Burger


Penang may be known for the local dishes, but as yummy as that can be, sometimes one just needs a burger. Delicious and affordable pork burgers are the specialty here, with a “Penang twist”. They assure that their burgers do not contain chemical additives and fillers. Sauces and toppings are made in-house as well, so you can be sure you’re getting something unique. Take their bacon infused mayo, for example. You’ll certainly have a filling meal at Spade’s.

FB: Spade’s Burger | IG: @spadesburger

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