Taiwanese Bakery Hazukido Is Now Serving Fresh Croissants To Us

Image credit: facebook.com/hazukidoMalaysia and klfoodie.com

Just imagining the soft flaky pastry with that amazing buttery taste is making me hungry. Hazukido is a popular taiwanese croissant chain and they are officially in Malaysia. They have opened their doors to us so we can enjoy their delicious pastries.

Hazukido is opening tomorrow (16th July 2019) in Subang Jaya SS15 which has become popular as the bubble tea street.

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Image credit: hazukido.com

They have stores around Asia including Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao, and Shanghai. This will be their first Southeast Asia location. Apparently, some customers will line up for an hour just to get their hands on these delicious croissants.

Image credit: klfoodie.com

So what is so good about these croissants? Firstly, every croissant is made with high quality European butter that does not contain preservatives and additives. Since butter is one of the main ingredients in a croissant, using high quality butter is very important.

Hazukido also claims to use a very interesting and complex technique of folding the dough and butter. This results in an awesome mouthfeel when eating where you get a crispy outer layer merging with the soft inner layer.

Image from @eat.dream/Instagram
Image credit: instagram.com/eat.dream/

Through the pictures you can see that they have a lot of interesting flavours not usually found in a bakery. One can expect flavours like milk caramel, Aomori sun fuji apple, cod roe, smoked chicken, caramel brulee, and brown sugar mochi.

Image from @princesa_d/Instagram
Image credit: instagram.com/princesa_d/

Are you drooling over the pictures yet?

I have even better news for you. They will be giving away free croissants from opening day (16th July) until the 18th of July. Give away will begin at 10am and will depend on croissant availability.

For more information check out their Facebook.

The shop is located next to GongCha and opens at 10am daily. Let’s get this croissant!