Top 10 Reflexology Centres in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Reflexology Centres in KL & Selangor
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Experiencing tired and sore feet after a long day at work or perhaps shopping around for hours? One of the things you can do is visit a good massage or reflexology centre and let the expert refresh your feet with his or her pressure-point method. Not only does it help to release muscle tension but also promotes blood circulation and may even heal various ailments in your body. So, long story short, here are the Top 10 Reflexology Centres in KL & Selangor worth checking out.

1) Rejoice Foot Reflexology & Wellness

Rejoice Foot Reflexology & Wellness
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Located at Kota Damansara, the family-friendly Rejoice Foot Reflexology & Wellness welcomes customers with its serene interior that gives you a Zen-like feeling. The therapists are all qualified professionals and well-experienced in relieving one’s pain and tension with their impressive massage skills. Not to mention the friendly staff, the overall clean environment and its reasonable price have earned many praises from those who visited this centre.


2) YLL Reflexology

YLL Reflexology
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Why pay more when you can have a rejuvenating Thai reflexology and massage at an affordable price? That’s what you get upon visiting YLL Reflexology at Taman Wahyu. They have a team of skilful masseurs and masseuses from Thailand to help you de-stress. It doesn’t matter whether you have sore feet or other common ailments, namely stiff back and shoulder. Rest assured they do their best to make you feel like brand new in no time.

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3) Qian Zu Foot Reflexology 千足阁

Qian Zu Foot Reflexology 千足阁
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Sit back and relax and let the massage therapists at Qian Zu Foot Reflexology work their magic. With the calming ambience that makes you feel like an oasis, no wonder Qian Zu Foot Reflexology has won numerous acclaim from many satisified customers. The therapists are not only highly skilled but also understand what needs to be done based on your respective problems.

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4) Mei Yuan Reflexology Health Centre

Mei Yuan Reflexology Health Centre
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The Galaxy Ampang Mall may have been a derelict mall but there lies a recommended reflexology centre on the ground floor. At Mei Yuan Reflexology Health Centre, you will be greeted with a clean and no-frills environment upon stepping into the shop. What matters the most is the undeniable expertise of the massage therapists here. They know well how to work around the customer’s feet with their hands, focusing on the pressure points to help alleviate the soreness and pain.

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5) Urban Retreat Spa

Urban Retreat Spa
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True to its name, Urban Retreat Spa lets you bask in the tranquillity of its ambience and relaxing decor. They specialise in different massage therapies and one of them includes the 90-minute Pretty Feet session. It all started with your feet receiving soaking and exfoliating treatment. The therapist will then ensure you are in a comfortable position as you lay down on a designated chair. From there, the therapist applies firm but gentle pressure while targeting the reflex points of your sore and tired feet. You can locate their outlets at 1 Mont Kiara, The Curve and KL East Mall. | FB: urbanretreatspa | IG: @urbanretreatspamy

6) Neutra Reflexology & Spa

Neutra Reflexology & Spa
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Amidst the otherwise bustling Lucky Garden in Bangsar, Neutra Reflexology & Spa is where you can find peace within its soothing interior. Among the services available include hydrotherapy bath spa, massage therapy and of course, foot massage & reflexology. For the latter, you can count on the skilful therapists here to work on your feet. They are known to be attentive, friendly and accommodating too. | FB: NeutraReflexology | IG: @neutra_reflexology

7) Camei Foot Reflexology & Traditional Massage

Camei Foot Reflexology & Traditional Massage
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With 15 years of experience, Camei Foot Reflexology & Traditional Massage has built a steady loyal following among many repeat customers and newcomers alike. The reason? They only employ the most qualified massage therapists for their skills. This, in turn, ensures you get the best service possible. Feel free to let them know your problems so the therapists can understand better and focus on the specific reflex point of your feet.

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8) Shu Xin 舒心健康会所

Shu Xin
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Shu Xin has three branches available in KL and Selangor. This includes Kepong, Bandar Mahkota Cheras and Bandar Menjalara. If you are here for their foot reflexology treatment, they have two types to choose from: the 70-minute Health Foot Reflexology and the 90-minute Imperial Health. Alternatively, you can go for the value-for-money package, namely Package B, which comes in a 60-minute foot reflexology and a 60-minute aromatherapy massage. | FB: shuxinhealthspa

9) Happy Feet Reflexology

Happy Feet Reflexology
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Give your feet a good pampering at Happy Feet Reflexology. Led by professional massage therapists from Thailand, you can look forward to an authentic reflexology and massage experience as you sit back on the comfortable chair. You can also opt for add-ons including Foot & Back Massage and Foot Massage & Foot Scrub. Happy Feet Reflexology has five branches available including Kota Damansara, Damansara Utama & Elite Uptown, SS2 and Bandar Puteri Puchong. | FB: happyfeetmy | IG: @happyfeetmy

10) Relax Foot Reflexology and Health Care

Relax Foot Reflexology and Health Care
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Situated on the third floor of Endah Parade, Relax Foot Reflexology and Health Care offers related services from foot reflexology to body massage and cupping. The massage therapists have at least 5 years of experience, bringing their expertise in pressure-point techniques to good use. Expect good strength applied to your tired and aching feet during the reflexology session. Another plus point about this place is its affordable pricing.

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That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!