Sample These 8 Recommended Craft Beers in Singapore

Sample These 8 Recommended Craft Beers in Singapore

Be it IPAs, lagers or stouts, there’s something for everyone here when it comes to the beer selections available in Singapore. And we’re not talking about the commercially-available varieties but rather craft beers, which typically come in different flavour profiles. So, long story short, it’s time to sample these 8 recommended craft beers in Singapore.

1) Alive Brewing Co.

The brainchild of two school buddies, where one of them is a financial analyst and the other one’s a chemical engineer. Their primary goal is to come up with varieties of different brews and of course, great-tasting craft beers. For instance, the Saturday Saranghae is a fruity-based beer that combines whole & pureed strawberries with cream and a tinge of vanilla. And there’s more, namely the Regular Stranger — a double dry-hopped (DDA) New England IPA mixed with fruity and floral notes. Depending on the craft beer, you can either purchase a single 330ml bottle, half a dozen (Little Pack) or a dozen (Big Pack).

Address: 27 Tuas Bay Walk 04-08, Singapore 637127

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: Alive Brewing Co.
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2) Brewerkz Microbrewery

Fans of craft beers should recognise Brewerkz Microbrewery, given its longstanding presence since 1997. They have a wide range of craft beers no matter you prefer the old-school (e.g. Golden Ale, India Pale Ale) or limited-edition seasonal flavours. For the latter, those who love something complex and robust may opt for the Drunk CRU, which has a subtle hint of cardamom, cloves, and liquorice. If you love fruity lager, here’s one for you: the tropical-flavoured Hoptropic Lager that has a refreshing combination of pineapple and coconut. Brewerkz also has its own locally-inspired craft beer series, namely the 4AM Double IPA — a light-amber and smooth-tasting India Pale Ale flavoured with citrus, mango and white grapefruit.

Address: Click on their Facebook page above.
Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: Brewerkz Microbrewery
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3) Off Day Beer Company

Off Day’s range of craft beers covers not only one but four different beer styles that suit your respective palates. For starters, try their Off Day Beer, a refreshing, fruity blend of Pilsner and American hops. Pale ale lovers who prefer their beer with a citrus-tinged, malty finish should try the Off Day Pale. Alternatively, upgrade your beer-drinking palates with the robust Off Day Haze or Off Day Double. Available all year round in draft & bottle, you can check out their products online.

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: Off Day Beer Company
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4) Pink Blossoms Brewing

Big and bold in flavours, Pink Blossoms Brewing offers several exciting brews worth trying here. For something refreshing, do try their Lean on Me — the first craft beer released in cans. It combines the flavourful New England Pale Ale with a juicy burst of citrus and stone fruit hop aromas. Those who love full-bodied stouts may want to go for the Hundred Years or Never Say Goodbye. Then, there’s Let It Be, which certainly lives up to its name since it offers seasonal IPA using whatever ingredients available on a rotating basis.

Address: Click here

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: Pink Blossoms Brewing
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5) RedDot BrewHouse

RedDot Brewhouse has several signature in-house craft beers, all of which are handcrafted by their own brewmaster. First up is their light and crisp Czech Pilsner, which has a combination of herbal and malty finish. The attention-grabbing Monster Green Lager is certainly one of its kind — a green-coloured lager beer derived from the chlorophyll content of spirulina with a hint of malt. Other choices like Summer Ale offers a smooth-tasting international-style pale ale with a floral-and-fruity combo.

Address: 25A Dempsey Road, Singapore 247691

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: RedDot BrewHouse
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6) Sunbird Brewing Company

Sunbird Brewing Company may only be 2 years old, but they are no slouch when comes to brewing great-tasting craft beers with plenty of exciting flavours available. Take their Cherry Blossom Saison, for instance — a smooth Saison-style beer infused with the floral note of Kawazu-Zakura soft cherry-blossom petals. The Fly In Light Pale Ale is ideal for an easy-drinking experience, coupled with a refreshing citrusy aroma and a malty finish. The otherwise old-school stout gets a tropical twist with their Galactic Tropical Stout while the Fluff Up Belgian Witbier provides a light, earthy finish with a tingle of herbal and citrus notes.

Address: 5 Mandai Link, #05-05, Mandai Foodlink, Singapore 728654

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: Sunbird Brewing Company
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7) Tuas Brewing Co.

Coming from Trouble Brewing, the aforementioned name refers to their Singapore Lager. It’s the kind of easy-drinking beer even for casual drinkers. Expect a light, yet refreshingly crisp taste that you can simply drink on its own or pair with your favourite local dishes. You can purchase them online regardless of 6-pack, 12-pack or 24-pack sizes or enjoy them at BQ Bar or Molly Malone’s Irish Pub.

Address: 41 Craig Road, Singapore 089679

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: Tuas Brewing Co.
Image Credit: @TroubleBrewingSingapore

8) The 1925 Brewing Co.

The 1925 Brewing Co. proudly brews their own craft beers using only quality ingredients. Among their signature beers worth trying to include the Yellow Van, a Citra pale ale that has a nice, malty finish. It’s good enough on its own or better yet, pair the Yellow Van with salty or spicy dishes. The dark ale-based Blk 622, in the meantime, offers the robust characteristics of the coffee-and-caramel combo. And if you prefer something light and floral, perhaps their white chrysanthemums-tinged lager of Liang Teh might suit your palate.

Address: 5 Mandai Link, #05-02, Mandai Foodlink, Singapore 427515

Recommended Craft Beers Singapore: The 1925 Brewing Co.
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