3 Insanely Delicious Fish Recipes That Take Less Than 20 Minutes To Cook

3 Insanely Delicious Fish Recipes That Take Less Than 20 Minutes To Cook

Have you ever wished that you could feed your family with delicious fish every day so they ate healthily and “became smarter”, but it’s either too expensive at restaurants, too far away from your home, or you don’t have the time to cook? With these easy recipes from KellyCooks123.com, you can quickly cook restaurant-quality fish dishes at home, and your family and friends will love you for it!

1. Grandma’s Braised Fish (20 mins)

This braised fish has gone viral on social media and it’s easy to see why! It only takes 20 minutes to make, and has a delicious sweet and savoury sauce that keeps you coming back for more!

Full recipe link: https://kellycooks123.com/grandmas-braised-fish/

2. Steamed Fish with Chilli Bean Sauce / 酱蒸鱼 (20 mins)


Also known as 酱蒸鱼 (jiong zeng yu) in Malaysia, this dish is a staple for seafood restaurants in the country, with a spicy savoury sweet sauce which is perfect for mixing with rice. It only takes 20 minutes, and you’ll even have 2 extra servings of chilli bean sauce at the end. So the next time you feel like having this delicious fish again, all you need to do is steam the fish and pour on the sauce!

Full recipe link: https://kellycooks123.com/steamed-fish-with-chilli-bean-sauce/

3. Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce (12 mins)

This incredibly simple, yet flavourful dish requires almost zero prep work or oversight and takes just 12 minutes to prepare, resulting in a super quick meal filled with an umami-rich sauce!

Full recipe link: https://kellycooks123.com/steamed-fish-with-black-bean-sauce/

These recipes come courtesy of KellyCooks123.com, a food blogger specialising in quick and easy recipes for Southeast Asian food. You can follow her through her blog, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Lemon8.