New Ways Of Loving Friends: A Revolution Makeup Line And A Cookbook

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Friends is an iconic sitcom that follows the lives of six friends as they navigate their way through the world. Many of us grew up watching the TV show and even now it’s popular with the younger generation. Especially since everything is accessible online. Key moments include rooting for Ross and Rachel until the very end. Other than that, seeing Chandler and Monica grow together was very special. And we will always appreciate the humour that Joey and Phoebe provide. However, after ten season, we had to say our goodbyes. On the bright side, we can always find new ways to show our love for Friends. In fact, we now have more ways! There is a Friends Revolution makeup line as well as a cookbook.

Friends X Revolution

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Now that fashion is going back to the 90s, a lot of us are turning back to some iconic looks from the show. After all, Rachel Green was living and breathing fashion her whole life. Achieving a classic Rachel look will be easier with the Revolution Beauty Friends makeup line. You also get a chance to have looks inspired by Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay.

The new collection features three eyeshadow palettes, each with their own nine shades, as well as three lipsticks. Each inspired by a character based on their fashion styles, mannerisms, and personalities. In fact, the products are taking on the life of each character as best as possible!

Friends and Revolution Makeup Line
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Furthermore, the colours take on the names of popular references for each character. In the Phoebe palette, you will get pastel shades with names such as Smelly Cat, Lobster, and Triplet. Meanwhile, Monica’s palette focuses more on reddish-berry tones alongside names like Chef, Geller Cup, and Clean. Lastly, Rachel’s palette features more pinky-neutral shades named Shopping, Barney’s, and On a Break.

However, if that isn’t enough then you will be excited to know that there will be one huge Friends palette! This palette has 27 eyeshadow shades that take on the name of popular characters such as Mr Heckles, Frank, Gunther, and more. In addition, there are three highlighters to give you that lovely glow.

Friends Cookbook

cookbook inspired by television shows
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With everyone still staying home more often, cooking is becoming more common. Everyone is also keen on experimenting with new recipes. Well, soon you can experiment with some of the biggest recipes from Friends!

The cookbook features popular dishes including Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookies, the Moist Maker, and Rachel’s trigle. There are over 100 recipes in this cookbook that will have you reminiscing of the show. What’s even better is that you can enjoy the meal while eating along to the episode!

If you’re wondering how legit this cookbook is, it’s written by Amanda Yee who is a professional Chef. She has received training at Le Cordon Bleu, is a private chef, and also works as a Sous Chef at Bryant Terry. Therefore we know that this cookbook will be filled with amazing recipes!