Top 10 Steamboat Restaurants in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Steamboat Restaurants in KL & Selangor
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No matter if you love steamboat or hotpot, it’s the kind of communal meal perfect for sharing. Not to mention you get to taste different ingredients from meat to seafood and vegetables — all of which are cooked in a boiling pot of soup base(s). That being said, here are the Top 10 Steamboat Restaurants in KL & Selangor.

1) Bamboo Garden Steamboat Restaurant

Bamboo Garden Steamboat Restaurant
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Beyond its bamboo-themed decor lies a steamboat restaurant known for its signature, oh-so-comforting pork bone soup. The long simmer brings out the natural flavour of the broth, which gives the soup its distinctly milky white colour. Each set comes with assorted ingredients such as corn, goji berries and fried bean curd. But if you prefer something spicy, you can’t go wrong with its Thai Tom Yum soup, which also happens to be the restaurant’s signature soup base. Some of the worthy add-ons include handmade meatballs, sliced Iberico pork and fresh clams.

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2) Zui Zui Xiang Hotpot Restaurant 嘴嘴香火锅店

Zui Zui Xiang Hotpot Restaurant 嘴嘴香火锅店
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Zui Zui Xiang Hotpot Restaurant specialises in authentic Hunan-style hot pot, offering MSG-free soup bases such as spicy mala, chicken and tomato. For something different, consider trying their unique papaya and umami-packed mushroom soup bases. You can order either single, double or triple with additional costs, allowing you to taste different soup bases in a pot. Expect fresh ingredients no matter if you order their meat or seafood varieties and not to forget, their service is equally prompt and attentive.

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3) FWF Hotpot

FWF Hotpot
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FWF Hotpot or Feng Wang Fu’s Signature Spicy Mala Soupis a must-order item on the menu. It’s spicy, numbing and even addictive too as long as you can take the heat. You can also choose your level of spiciness including Less Spicy, Standard or Extra Spicy. FWF Hotpot let you pick up to a triple pot, allowing you to taste different types of soup bases. Among them includes the Vitamin C Tomato Soup, Beauty Collagen Bone Soup and Chinese Herbal Mushroom Soup. Best paired with their savoury-spicy dipping sauce since it adds depth to your cooked food. | FB: fwfhotpot | IG: @fwfhotpot

4) DIYU Steamboat & BBQ

DIYU Steamboat and BBQ
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DIYU Steamboat & BBQ offers a buffet-style steamboat with various meat, seafood and vegetable options to choose from. Those who love all things spicy may try the Meng Po Soup, where you can select one of the three spiciness levels. They also serve other soup bases including Lava Curry, Soulmate Chicken and Tomato. Just add RM 10 per pax, and you get to enjoy premium items like tiger prawn, Japanese fresh oyster or lala and Australian beef cubes. Do take note they have a 2-hour time limit for dining.

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5) Coco Steamboat

Coco Steamboat
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Coco Steamboat’s signature pork bone soup has attracted many customers since its establishment in 2005. Using a time-honoured recipe, the broths are made fresh daily and simmered for 8 hours. Coco Steamboat also offers other soup base options including tomato and mala broths. Coco Steamboat has two outlets available including Scott Garden and Cheras Taynton. | FB: cocosteamboat | IG: @cocosteamboat

6) Pak John Steamboat & BBQ

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ
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If you frequent popular shopping malls such as Suria KLCC and IOI City Mall, you may come across Pak John Steamboat & BBQ. This halal-certified and family-friendly restaurant chain offers over 160 options, covering the likes of meat, seafood and vegetables to choose from. And when it comes to soup bases, you can pick from fish to prawn, tom yum, chicken and kimchi broths — all of which are made from high-quality ingredients. Remember to leave some room for a dessert, notably their signature waffles, offering flavours like chocolate and kaya. | FB: pakjohn.ytf | IG: @pakjohnsteamboatbbq

7) Yezi 椰子

Yezi 椰子
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What makes Yezi stand out from your usual steamboat restaurants is its signature coconut broth, hence the name of the restaurant which literally translates as “coconut” in Mandarin. Using only the best ingredients possible, the broth is flavourful and goes well with various ingredients, namely meatballs and pork slices. Other than the coconut broth, do try their wholesome Imperial Canton Broth made with sweet cabbage and Chinese bacon.

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8) Harbour Ed’s Steamboat Restaurant

Harbour Ed's Steamboat Restaurant
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Located at Sri Petaling, Harbour Ed’s Steamboat Restaurant has been in the business for over 15 years and still counting. They have different soup bases available such as Macau Pork Soup, Herbal Soup, Thai Tom Yam Soup and even Papaya Fungus Soup. Expect fresh ingredients regardless of meat and seafood selections. They also offer value-for-money Harbour Signature Sets from up to 10 pax.

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9) Fei Fan Hotpot

Fei Fan Hotpot
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Fancy a Hong Kong-style hotpot? You may want to head to Fei Fan Hotpot, which has several outlets available such as SS15 Courtyard Mall, 163 Retail Park and 1Utama Shopping Centre. Their menu covers various broth options from the classic Pork Bone Soup to Pepper Pig’s Stomach Soup, Spicy Mala Soup and Curry Laksa Soup. Don’t forget to order some of their homemade ingredients, namely homemade pork/chicken/beef balls and homemade shrimp dumplings. | FB: feifanhotpot | IG: @feifanhotpot

10) Steamboat City 火锅城

Steamboat City 火锅城
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Affordable prices, great taste and friendly services are among the things that define Steamboat City at Rawang. They have up to five different soup bases to choose from with plenty of ingredients to go with the broth. This includes varieties of meatballs, mushrooms, meat and vegetables. If you plan to dine here, don’t forget to dip your ingredients in their special chilli sauce for an extra burst of flavour.

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