Singapore’s Top 10 Tattoo Studios

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Tattoos are a norm these days, with just about every other person sporting some ink. Whether it is to memorialise or pay tribute to a loved one, or to simply show your love of art on your skin, tattoos are gaining popularity in sunny Singapore. If you want to get inked, check out one of Singapore’s Top 10 Tattoo Studios!

1) 8 Volts Tattoo


Located within Orchard Plaza Mall on Orchard road, this tattoo studio was founded by artist Joe Wang who has a distinct style that makes the studio a great choice for clients who want to explore diverse design options for their tattoos. Joe’s Instagram shows an affinity for a great range of tattoo styles, like Japanese and even Maori ink. They operate by appointment, but if they are available they may be able to accept walk-ins as well. | FB: 8VoltsTattoo | IG: joewang_8voltstattoo

2) Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio

Familiar Strangers Tattoo

Familiar Strangers specializes in several tattoo styles, namely – Japanese and Oriental, Polynesian, Samoan, Maori, Traditional American tattoos, Black and Grey works, Old Skool Flash Works and Font Word Tattoos. Minimum pricing for a tattoo is S$100 but final price depends on the size and complexity of the design chosen. Do check out their Terms and Conditions on their website before contacting them for an appointment. | FB: FamiliarStrangerTattooStudio | IG: FamiliarStrangersTattooStudio

3) Elvin Tattoo


Elvin’s studio is located on Onan Road, and is open from Mondays to Sundays, from 12 noon until 6pm. Large pieces seem to be his forte, from back pieces to full leg pieces. Intricate and elaborate, his designs reflect great artistry and care. Whether you prefer more traditional tribal-esque pieces or quirkier designs, Elvin can certainly sketch up something spectacular.

FB: ElvinTattoo | IG: ElvinTattoo

4) GimmeLoveTattoo


Gimmelovetattoo has been in operation since 2008, and their studio can be found at Dunlop Street. They are open daily and are open from 1pm until 10pm. Though tattoos are often associated with pain, they have taken the extra mile to ensure a zen atmosphere of comfort and serenity at their studio. Their talented artists can accommodate a variety of styles, so get in touch with them to find out more. | FB: GimmeLoveTattoo | IG: GimmeLoveTattoo

5) Vagabond Ink


Valerie Yang founded Vagabond Ink many moons ago, and while she’s currently based in Vancouver, her tattoo studio is going strong with the help of her friends. She does occasionally drop in from time to time, so if you are eager to get inked by her, do keep an eye out for social media updates to know when her next stop is. Other artists include Melvin, Aaron, and Peenut. Each have different rates and styles, so check their portfolios online to select your preferred artist. | FB: VagabondInk | IG: vagabond_ink

6) Lovesick Tattoo Singapore


If you want to get a little Lovesick, head on over to Parklane Shopping Mall at Selegie Road, and you’ll find their tattoo studio. They’re open daily, but Sundays are strictly by appointment only. From Mondays to Saturdays, they’re open from 1pm until 8pm. Louis Tham founded the studio, and he’s known for the realism of his art, even achieving a Guiness World Record for his work. Louis is joined by MH, who is fond of minimalist and black and grey style tattoos. Another artist on the roster is Aric, who favours vibrant and intricate designs. | FB: LovesickTattooSingapore | IG: louislovesicktattoo

7) Visual Orgasm Tattoo Studio


Joseph started the studio in 2005, and their studio is located on Haji Lane. Together with fellow artists Jen and Clyde, they’re considered pioneers in the industry who place a great emphasis on the “freedom of expression”. Joseph’s portraits are stunning in their realism and he’s trained in several styles, while Clyde’s fantastical creations are akin to an amalgamation of different art forms, each vibrant and special in their own way. If you like script work and lines, Jen would be an appropriate choice, for her clean and precise details. | FB: VisualOrgasmTattooStudio | IG: joseph_visual_orgasm

8) Exotic Tattoos & Piercings


One of Singapore’s first female tattoo artists, Su, is a part of the Exotic Tattoo family. Su is also the grand-daughter of legendary tattoo artist Johnny Two Thumbs. Their prices start from S$80, and clients are advised to have at least a rough idea of what they want, be it in form of a sketch or image, so that the artist can develop the design further. If you don’t, designs are available at the studio for you to peruse. Cover-ups and fix-ups of old tattoos can also be done here. Check them out at Far East Plaza, they’re open daily. | FB: ExoticTattoos&Piercings | IG: sutattoo

9) C.K Tattoo


C.K. Tattoo is open daily, from 1pm until 10pm. The studio is located at Kampong Bahru Road. Previous clients have remarked that the studio is cosy, making it comfortable for first-timers who may be a tad nervous about getting inked. Large pieces seem to be favoured, particularly tribal and Japanese styled ones. Still, small tattoos also make appearances, and are no less spectacular, despite their lack of size. | FB: C.KTattooSingapore | IG: cktattoosg

10) Imagine Tattoo Studio


Imagine operates strictly by appointment only, so you will need to text or email them ahead of time prior to visiting their studio. Their hours are from 1pm until 9pm, and they are closed on Wednesdays. Founded in 2005, they are situated at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace. Run and managed by artist Ael, Imagine is known to specialize in portrait colour works as well as custom cover-ups. | FB: ImagineTattooStudio

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