Maleficent Is Coming Back To The Big Screens As The Mistress Of Evil

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Back in 2014, many of us were introduced to the dark fantasy film Maleficent. The movie is based on the antagonist of the fairytale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ that we grew up with. This October, Maleficent will be back in her second movie as the mistress of evil.


If you haven’t watched the first movie then this is your warning for spoilers!

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In the first movie we saw Angelina Jolie’s character from a young age and how she was betrayed. This betrayal led to her hatred against humans and especially King Stefan, up to the point that she cursed his daughter.

Over time and through various circumstances we see her fall in love with Aurora (also known as beasty). She takes on a more maternal and caring role and in the end we see it is her love that breaks the curse.

In the new movie, we see that Aurora is soon to be Queen and has received a proposal from Prince Phillip. Maleficent who is still wary of love due to betrayal disapproves of the engagement and basically declares war.

However, even through the trailer you can see that all her actions are based on the hurt and betrayal she faced. It is her love and need to protect Aurora that drives her to fight against the humans.

The film is directed by Joachim Rønning and will see Angelina Jolie taking on her iconic role again. We will also have Elle Fanning back as Aurora. Michelle Pfeiffer will be joining the cast as Queen Ingris with Harris Dickinson playing her son, Phillip.

Upcoming Disney Movies

Some other upcoming Disney movies that we should all look out for are Frozen II and Mulan.

Not much has been revealed about Frozen II except that Elsa and Anna go on an adventure outside of Arendelle. In the trailer we see Elsa fighting against the ocean, Anna emerging on a rock in darkness, and Kristoff riding Sven with a herd of reindeers. Frozen II is set to be released in November this year (2019).

Mulan is another exciting movie that is set to be released by Disney in March next year (2020). Although it has not been directly confirmed, there are sources that mention the movie is based on the real story of Hua Mulan. It is not supposed to be a live action remake of the animated Mulan we grew up watching.

Hua Mulan takes on the identity of Hua Jun to take her ailing father’s place in the army. The movie shows her journey that transforms her into an honoured warrior that has the respect of a nation. Yifei Liu will be taking on the role of Mulan. Check out those moves!