LEGO Is Partnering Up With Adidas To Give You Some Super Cool Kicks

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Children (and adults) love LEGOs because of the endless possibilities that come with the tiny bricks. It is a great way for children to explore their creativity and learn fine motor skills. On the other hand, adults can push the limits and create all sorts of designs. LEGO also sells sets that take inspiration from pop culture such as Star Wars. In fact, the brand will soon be releasing a new Baby Yoda set! However, what we really want to talk about is how LEGO is partnering up with Adidas Originals!

LEGO and Levi's partnership
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The LEGO Group is really amping it up with their collaborations this year. Just recently they partnered with Levi’s and IKEA on various products. It’s all about bringing LEGO into your life in new and exciting ways. Now, LEGO is partnering up with Adidas Originals to create a new sneaker design.

Together, the brands are creating a new and colourful look for the classic ZX 8000 sneaker. The announcement was made just a few days ago on LEGO’s official Twitter account. In the post, they entice consumers with the catchy headline “You’re never too old to play!”

ZX 8000 originally launched back in 2008 and remains a popular choice amongst consumers. Design-wise, the new look takes a lot of inspiration from the colourful colours of LEGOs.

LEGO is partnering up with Adidas
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Furthermore, the sneaker now features a multicoloured mesh alongside LEGO studs on the heel. Meanwhile, there are also interchangeable jewels that connect the shoelaces. These are made to look like the classic LEGO bricks. In addition, the sneakers will have six different colour options for the laces.

Moving on, the new designs will be available for global purchasing starting this Friday (25th September). Just head over to the Adidas website to grab yourself a pair of brand new funky kicks. However, it will set you back by $130.