8 Best Office And Gaming Chairs Worth Investing In

8 Best Office and Gaming Chairs Worth Investing For

Chairs play an important part when it comes to sitting down for long hours, no matter whether you are working at home or playing games. As we all know, sitting for a long period of time can actually cause back and neck strains. With that, here are 8 Best Office and Gaming Chairs Worth Investing In!

1) AM Office POFIT

Here’s an ergonomic office chair that money can buy if you don’t mind spending more. Built with the utmost care for back support in mind, the AM Office POFIT features a chair design reminiscent of a human spine. It has a total of 9 joint supports that protect your entire back including the thoracic, lumbar and sacrum spines. It’s tiltable while it has a unique 5D headrest that can be adjusted in various heights and angles, depending on your respective needs.

But what makes the Am Office POFIT such a worthy investment is the first-of-its-kind office chair with a smart app. Simply download the Comfort Smart+ app via Google Play or Apple Store on your smartphone, where it offers various settings such as Lumber Protection Setting and Sitting Posture Evaluation. Available in four different colours including Light Grey, Red, Blue and Black.

AM Office POFIT Chair
Image Credit: amoffice.com.my

2) AM Office XG4553

The AM Office POFIT too pricey? You might want to consider this cheaper alternative from the same company: the XG4553 model. It may lack the bells and whistles of the former, but it still covers most of the essentials to make your long-hour seating comfortable. This includes both adjustable headrest and armrests with a mesh back for breathability. It also comes with a tilt function that allows you to lean back.

AM Office XG4553 Chair
Image Credit: amoffice.com.my

3) Steelcase Leap V2

If you are prone to back pain, you might want to consider getting the Steelcase Leap V2. Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag that can be a little too much for most people. But if your budget allows, you’ll be rewarded with a high-quality chair that would last you for many years. The chair is highly adjustable and that covers everything from angles to heights — all of which are specially designed to keep you as comfortable as possible. It supports your body correctly no matter sitting straight or leaning back. Even the armrests are completely adjustable.

Steelcase Leap V2
Image Credit: g13group.co.uk

4) IKEA Markus

The IKEA product is synonymous with its value-for-money range and that applies to their Markus model. Priced at RM 499 and RM 549 respectively, the IKEA Markus features a high back design suitable for tall people. Expect ample padding at the top cushion, where you can rest your head comfortably.

The chair also comes with lumbar support that helps to keep your posture intact and of course, does your lower back a favour. This is especially true if you often sit for long hours while working on your laptop or playing games.

You can adjust the height of this office chair and even has a tilt function, which comes in handy if you want to lean back. Given its reasonable price for a professional-looking high back office chair, it boasts a sturdy build that can support up to 110 kg and a mesh back, which helps to promote air circulation. For peace of mind, the IKEA Markus throws in a 10-year warranty as well.

IKEA Markus
Image Credit: ikea.com/my

5) IKEA Renberget

The IKEA Renberget swivel chair combines affordability and functionality for a wallet-friendly price at just under RM 200. As expected, it doesn’t have all the nifty features but for such a budget chair, this is as good as it gets. It features an all-black faux leather-and-fabric design that looks sleek and professional enough. You can adjust the height and tilt the chair too. Then, there’s the added pressure-sensitive brake mechanism where it maintains the chair’s castor wheels in place whenever you get off the seat and releases if you sit down.

IKEA Renberget
Image Credit: ikea.com/my


The APEX brand needs no introduction, given its reputation as one of the well-known local office furniture manufacturers in Malaysia. Take their DANG model, for instance. It’s an ergonomic chair with a contoured high-back design that supports your entire back. It even has a headrest attached on the top of the chair, which can be tilted front and back. Other highlights include adjustable heights, a breathable mesh back and a well-padded cushion made suitable for long-hour seating.

Image Credit: apexof.com.my

7) SecretLab OMEGA & TITAN

The SecretLab range may be specifically built with gaming in mind. But their chairs — notably the OMEGA and TITAN models — are not only good as a gaming chair but also suitable for those who work for long hours.

Let’s start with the SecretLab OMEGA chair, which features a sturdy build that can support weight up to 110 kg. The height isn’t the only adjustable function you will find here, as it also offers a nifty multi-tilt mechanism designed to accommodate your various sitting needs. Other highlights include adjustable 4D full-metal armrests, an ultra-comfortable PRIME 2.0 PU leather cushion and a full-length backrest recline, where you can lean back all the way down to 165 degrees. For the latter, this certainly comes in handy for those who need to take a nap or short break.

SecretLab OMEGA Chair
Image Credit: my.secretlab.co

For the SecretLab TITAN chair, it features a bigger sitting space and even a higher backrest, with the latter particularly suitable for those who are over 6-feet tall. The chair can even support up to 130 kg and has all the highlights found from the OMEGA model. But the most interesting feature of all is the TITAN’s built-in lumbar support mechanism for your back, which can be easily adjusted using the knob located at the side of the chair.

SecretLab TITAN Chair
Image Credit: my.secretlab.co

8) TTRacing Duo V3

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a gaming chair which generally costs a fortune, which brings us the budget-friendly gaming chair of TTRacing Duo V3. Made from a mix of Carbon Fibre PU leather and breathable Italian Elastic Cloth, it gives you both ample comfort and cushioning upon sitting on the chair. You can choose to sit upright or lean back with the chair’s tilt function up to 155 degrees downward. The TTRacing Duo V3 is also built to last for years, thanks to its durable nylon base that provides better stability and weight distribution.

TTRacing Duo V3 Chair
Image Credit: ttracing.my