Dog In Hong Kong Is Quarantined For Covid-19 But Don’t Worry About It

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Covid-19 is affecting thousands around the world while scientists and researchers scramble for a vaccine. Thankfully, many patients have been making full recoveries from the novel coronavirus. Everyone is taking proper preventive measures to try and stop the spread of the virus. A dog in Hong Kong is now under quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19. However, there is no reason to panic and this is why.

Scientists and researchers believe that the novel coronavirus popped up from a foreign animal. But let’s remember that this comes from the consumption of foreign animals. It doesn’t include living with pets at home.


Dog in Hong Kong
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That being said, why did this dog in Hong Kong test positive? Well the novel coronavirus is able to live on animals and surfaces for an undetermined amount of time. Researchers are still working hard to figure out that time period.

Because of this, we need to keep our surroundings as clean as possible to ensure the virus does not stay for long. This also means that the virus is able to contaminate animals such as our pets without actually infecting them.

As a result, the tests performed on the dog’s nasal and oral cavities turned up a “weak positive” for Covid-19. However, the dog is not showing any physical symptoms and is most likely just acting as a carrier.

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Moreover, the dog in Hong Kong is the pet of a 60-year old woman who tested positive for Covid-19. Now the government will be keeping an eye out and quarantining all pets of patients who test positive.

But why are the animals being quarantined if they aren’t infected? Well firstly is to of course minimise the spreading of the virus. In addition to that, scientists can conduct research on how the virus lives on animals. This includes for how long too.

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Don’t take this to mean that you should get rid of your pets now! According to the founder of Lifelong Animal Protection Charity, dogs and cats have no more risk of spreading Covid-19 than a door handle does.

Therefore, you should still take good care of your pets. If Covid-19 is similar to SARS then the chances of contracting it from your pets is very small. Just remember to keep clean, wash your hands after touching anything, and avoid touching your face.