HappyFresh Unveils New Online Grocery Shopping Experience!

Image Credit: HappyFresh

HappyFresh has rebranded targeting millennial shoppers with an online grocery experience where the quality of personally handpicked grocery experience will be second to none. This is in line with its new brand purpose ‘Freshly Handpicked’, new logo, together with a new brand mascot – Apple Boy.

Bringing Groceries Online

With the rebrand, biodegradable plastic bags will be what HappyFresh uses for deliveries. The move will start in Indonesia first, then Malaysia and Thailand by year-end.

“The business is on an upward growth momentum into the online grocery space in SouthEast Asia. The new brand provides a crucial interface for retailers to capture the generation of shoppers – the millennials – who have a higher demand for quality and service especially being aware of their health. With this rebranding exercise, we seek to serve our customers with an attitude circled around ‘build to deliver a simplified life’ where our customers benefit the most. Lastly, July will see month-long campaigns and promotions with customers having their orders delivered on time more consistently than before,” said David Lim, VP, Marketing, HappyFresh.

Image Credit: HappyFresh

New Upgrades

“Added to that, we have upgraded most of the equipment we use to ensure food freshness and quality. For example, we have individually packed thermal insulated bags for our frozen and chilled products. We are also using cardboard boxes or biodegradable bags to deliver the goods to the customer that are environmentally friendly. All of our riders now have an upgraded thermal insulated box that equips onto their motorcycle to protect all products from the heat or rain,” said Ronald Chan, COO, HappyFresh.

Image Credit: HappyFresh