10 Amazing Uses You Can Do With Zip Ties

When we talk about zip ties, most of us would use them to hold cables and wires together. But these common items are actually versatile enough to use for other things as well. Here are the 10 amazing uses of zip ties that you might find handy.

1) Fix Zipper Problem

The pull tab of your favourite jacket or backpack accidentally snaps off for some reason? Give them a second chance by easily replacing the broken zipper with a zip tie. Here is what you need to do: make sure the size of the zip tie is able to fit through the loop (hole). Close the zip tie tightly around the zipper and use a pair of scissors to cut it to your desired length. The cut-off length will act as a makeshift pull tab that enables you to zip and unzip your zipper item.

Image Credit: bobvila.com

2) Unclog A Drain

Food particles, shed hair and gunk are some of the common factors that cause your kitchen or shower drain to be all clogged up. Here is where a zip tie comes to the rescue. Get a large zip tie and use a pair of scissors to cut the notches diagonally. Then, insert the zip tie into the drain and start “fishing” by moving it up and down to catch the hair or whatever mess that you have underneath.

Image Credit: instructables.com

3) Hang Your Tools Easily

Having troubles hanging your broom or mop on a wall hook? Simply use zip ties and insert them into the tool handles. The loop of the zip ties ensures your tools are easier to hang.

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4) A Temporary Child Lock

Save your money on buying child safety locks and invest in zip ties instead. They are cheaper, versatile and effective enough to use them as child locks. For instance, simply tie a zip tie through two adjacent cabinet handles in your kitchen and fasten them tight and secure. You can snip off the zip tie anytime whenever you need to access the cabinet.

Image Credit: thebalanceeveryday.com

5) Organise Your Keys

Here’s the thing: keychains are not the only item you can use to secure all your keys together in one place. You can also utilise a zip tie by inserting a few keys through the keyholes and form a loop after you have fastened it all together.

Image Credit: instructables.com

6) Bind Your Papers Altogether

Stationery items like binder rings and plastic fasteners are commonly used for binding your papers and documents together. But you can use zip ties as well. All you have to do is punch a few holes along the edge, slip the zip ties through and fasten them. You can also choose to trim the length to make them look more organised and neater.

Image Credit: How To YouTube

7) Keep Your Clothing Items Secure

How can you fit plenty of clothes into a small or medium-sized bag/backpack? You may have heard of rolling your clothes to maximise your storage space. But you can make your packing more efficient by securing your rolled shirts and pants tightly using two zip ties.

Image Credit: travelandleisure.com

8) Use It As A Makeshift Luggage Lock

A TSA lock is often the preferred choice when it comes to tamper-proofing your luggage like backpacks and suitcases. But if you don’t own such a lock, your other option would be a zip tie. Sure, it’s not qualified as the best security lock but it is still good enough to prevent most people from rummaging through your bag.

Image Credit: thefirearmblog.com

9) Keep Your Flowers In Place

No ribbon to tie your flowers together? Your next best alternative is a zip tie. Use it to bind a bouquet of flowers by looping them around the stems before placing them into a vase.

Image Credit: afloral.com

10) Slip-Proof Your Shoes

If you are going on a hiking trip, you definitely need a pair of good shoes that give you better traction. You can even loop one or more large zip ties around your shoes. Make sure the fasteners are facing down since they will act as an extra grip when you hike or trek on a slippery trail/ground.

Image Credit: instructables.com