Garrett Popcorn Is Bringing A New Look For The Mid-Autumn Festival

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Some of us only eat popcorn during the few times we go watch a movie. Others like to buy popcorn to munch on anytime. One popular brand of popcorn that many of us love is Garrett Popcorn. For the Mid-Autumn festival, Garrett Popcorn is releasing a new packaging design.

Most of us can probably recognise the usual packaging design that has been used the past few years. Both the tins and bags have stripes of different shades of blue which can also be found as the decor in the shops.

The bags also have a little window so you have a sneak peek to the sweet treat inside.

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Now the brand is having a new promotion that is part of their Mid-Autumn marketing. The promotion includes a Petite Tin of barbecue cheesecorn, a medium bag of a signature recipe, and also a tote bag.

You are allowed to choose any flavour you want for the medium bag which comes in the special Mid-Autumn packaging. Just put your delicious popcorn in your new tote bag and you’re ready to continue shopping.

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The Petite Tin features a new design with shades of blue and green. You can also see a rabbit sitting on top of the logo with stars in the background.

Meanwhile, the medium size popcorn bag has a beautiful intricate design that is similar to those found on mooncakes. It also looks like there is a pair of white rabbit ears hiding in the design at the top of the bag.

At the affordable price of RM60 you get a Petite Tin, a medium bag, and also a tote bag. It’s so worth it! Plus it would make a great gift to give to all your friends and family during this joyous occasion.