Huawei Is Inviting You To Get Fit And Win Great Prizes With Them

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Many phones and products now come with a fitness tracker that helps you to track your health. It can count your steps, estimate your calories burnt, and read your heart rate while working out. However, the difference with Huawei is that they now want to reward you!

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Huawei is now running their Steps Challenge until the end of this month (August 2019) which brings great prizes. All you have to do is track your steps with the Huawei Health App.

There are actually three activities being held as part of the Steps Challenge. Firstly, there is the Comment Post Challenge. Participants are required to comment a picture of their step number image along with their experience and journey with the health app.

Next, the 100,000 steps challenge is meant for the first 1,000 participants to reach 100,000 steps. All they need to do is post a comment with their step number image and their experience with the app.

Lastly, there is a 200,000 steps challenge which follows the same mechanism as the 100,000 steps challenge. You can also post multiple times to increase your chances of winning.

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The amazing prizes that are up for grabs include a Huawei P30 Pro, a Huawei Watch GT, and great vouchers. Imagine winning a phone for just walking! Wah, all those healthy people out there sure happy.

One important thing to note is that this competition is only open to those who own a Huawei smartphone. The health app is exclusive.

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Walking is a great way of maintaining our health especially for those who struggle with exercise. Some of us may be restricted due to time, energy, access, and even physical reasons.

Choosing to walk that short distance instead of driving brings great benefits. This includes increasing heart and lung fitness, reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke, and reducing body fat.

On top of that, you will also improve management of conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or joint and muscular pain. Walking will help you to have stronger bones and improve your balance.

Make sure to participate in the Steps Challenge if you can. Even if you don’t win a prize you will still benefit physically.

For more information check out their Facebook post, T&C, and FAQ.