Drive-In Cinemas Coming To Malaysia Give A Unique Viewing Experience

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Social distancing is affecting many parts of our lives as we adjust to the new normal. Parties, weddings, and funerals now have a limit on the number of guests. Watching movies is now a tough situation because cinemas are imposing SOPs that require you to sit alone. Furthermore, many of us might be sceptical on the cleanliness of cinemas as everyone sits on the same chair. But worry no more because drive-in cinemas are coming to Malaysia!

Drive-in Cinemas Coming to Malaysia

Drive-in cinemas opening in Malaysia
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What better way to maintain social distancing while enjoying a lovely movie from the comfort of your car? With drive-in cinemas you can bring your own pillows, recline the seat, and have a discussion with friends (while not bothering anyone). This unique viewing experience will definitely be different from what we are used to.

Drive-in cinemas is a way of watching movies that consists of a large outdoor movie screen. This can be as simple as a white wall or sometimes a steel structure with a screen material. In addition there will be a projection booth and a concession stand with a large parking area for vehicles.

drive-in cinema offer privacy
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Therefore, movie goers can enjoy the show from the privacy and comfort of their cars. Newer drive-in cinemas will have sound systems that tap into a frequency that your car picks up. As a result, the audio will be coming from your own speakers.


M-Junction will be Malaysia’s first ever drive-in cinema and will be arriving very soon. We can be expecting them to open by the beginning of August. There will be two different locations, one which will be in Kuala Lumpur.

This drive-in cinema is brought to you by TwoSpicy Entertainment Live, which is the company also responsible for Dinner in the Sky, Plane in the City, and Whimsy. Therefore, we know it will be quite a unique experience.

Drive-In Cinema Malaysia

Drive-in cinemas in Malaysia
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Moving on, there is also an initiative to organise a drive-in cinema in Malaysia by Perk Idea Sdn Bhd. They are a creative event marketing agency that aims to launch their own drive-in cinema by early August.

Moreover, the initiative is a new way for the company to grow post MCO. At the moment, they are waiting for a local council’s approval to operate the drive-in cinema. The official date and venue (somewhere in Klang Valley) will be announced on their Facebook page so stay tuned!