This Kind KFC Manager’s Good Deed Will Completely Warm Your Soul

Nowadays there is a lot of disheartening news everywhere that can make anyone lose hope in the world. Well here is a more positive story for you. This kind Malaysian paid for a customers food when he was unable to pay.

Filmmaker Gary Chong was finishing up a long day of production and was returning home. While passing through Sunway, his stomach began begging for some food. He decided to park his car and grab something to eat.

After parking, he realised he had no cash on him but decided to go withdraw some at the ATM. Unfortunately, the three ATMs he went to were offline as it was already midnight. Thinking that he could just use his card to pay, he chose to go into KFC where they accept such payment.

After putting in his order and receiving the delicious food, he handed the cashier his card. Sadly, the cashier informed him that the credit card terminal was offline and they could only accept cash. Seeing no way around it, he sadly told the cashier it was alright and turned away from the tempting sight of the food.

As he was walking away, he heard someone call out to him. Turning around, he saw the manager approach him. Seeing his situation, the manager offered to pay for his meal so that he could enjoy the food.

Gary decided he could not accept the offer but the manager insisted a few times until he gave in. The manager even said “rezeki jangan tolak bang.”

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In the end, he had a delicious KFC meal to warm his stomach and a great experience of generosity that warmed his heart. The manager who is identified as Nazrin Ramli insists that a customer should not go hungry.

It truly is so warming to hear and read such stories of generosity and just people helping each other out. Let’s continue to spread the good deeds. Shout out to Nazrin Ramli for being such a kind soul.
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