Top 10 Locksmiths in Singapore

Top 10 Locksmiths in Singapore
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Need a hand to unlock  (and finally fix) your faulty main door? Or looking to replace a brand new lock for your home or office? Thankfully, there are plenty of locksmiths you can call for assistance. So, if you are looking for a reliable one you can trust, check out these recommended Top 10 Locksmiths in Singapore.

1) Vincent Locksmith

Vincent Locksmith

Here’s a reliable locksmith who’s been around since 2006, and his products and services are known to be affordable. Speaking of services, you can count on Vincent Locksmith to solve all kinds of your lock-related problems. Got part of the key broken and stuck in the keyhole due to vigorous twisting? Or perhaps having a broken BTO door lock in need of replacement? Vincent Locksmith can solve them all efficiently. He even goes as far as offering professional advice on how to take care of your lock.

FB: vincentlocksmithsg | IG: @vincentlocksmith

2) 911 locksmith & trading

911 locksmith & trading

An expert on well, unlocking and changing all kinds of locks, 911 Locksmith & Trading has been in business since 1995. Covering their services islandwide, they can unlock doors and gates regardless of homes, offices, factories or safes. They also provide professional assistance for those who need to open their car door or motorcycle lock. In case of an emergency, you can even call their hotline 24/7 at 6795 0911. | FB: 911 locksmith & trading

3) Locksmith SG James

Locksmith SG James

With over 20 years of experience, Locksmith SG James made its mark with their reasonably-priced and prompt services. They can open and repair every type of lock such as wooden/glass door locks, roller shutters or letterboxes. Locksmith SG James also offers locksmith services around the clock no matter day or night. Check out their Facebook page to see all the serviced areas they cover islandwide.

FB: locksmithsg

4) Little Locksmith Singapore

Little Locksmith Singapore

Covering both residential and commercial areas, Little Locksmith prides itself for its fast and reliable services. Assuming you find yourself unable to open your home door lock due to an unexpected mechanical failure, or a key misplacement, that’s where Little Locksmith comes in. They have a team of experienced locksmiths on standby to solve your lock problems in a jiffy at any time of the day. Other than that, you can call them to unlock your car door, safe or key card entry system as well. | IG: @littlelocksmithsingapore

5) One-Stop Keys Master Geylang

One-Stop Keys Master Geylang

True to its name, this Geylang-based locksmith expert covers all types of lock-related services. This includes everything from opening & replacing door locks to duplicating all kinds of keys. They can also repair broken key shells, malfunctioned remotes as well as faulty residential/commercial access cards. When it comes to their locksmith services, they can have them fixed within half an hour.

FB: OneStopKeysStation

6) Advance Shoe Repair & Locksmith

Advance Shoe Repair & Locksmith

At Advance Shoe Repair & Locksmith, they can help to fix and open all kinds of locks no matter for a residential home or commercial building. Their services are prompt, in which they cover every area in Singapore. Not to mention all of their licensed locksmiths have years of experience in lock picking as well. Check out their website below to locate or call their respective branches islandwide.

7) 24/7 Locksmith Singapore

24/7 Locksmith Singapore

Whether you need to unlock your faulty home door or duplicate a spare key, 24/7 Locksmith Singapore got you all covered. Beyond the aforementioned services, they also provide other services like installing digital door locks and repairing window locks. When it comes to selling locks and keys, they only insist on trusted brands like Yale and Viro. And as the name suggests, they offer 24/7 service whenever you need them the most. | FB: 247locksmithsg

8) Locksmith Singapore Pro-Smith and Locks Services

Locksmith Singapore Pro-Smith and Locks Services

Established in 2013, they specialise in both opening and installing all kinds of locks regardless of residential or commercial ones. They cover everything from various types of room doors to main doors and HDB letterboxes. You can also contact them to unlock your car door in case you lost or accidentally left the key inside the vehicle. | FB: LocksmithSingapore | IG: @locksmithsingapore

9) Guardian House of Locks & Security Systems

Guardian House of Locks & Security Systems

Guardian House of Locks & Security Systems is no stranger to lock-related services. This is particularly evident, given their decades-long experience for the past 30 years. They have provided services for both residential and commercial areas and even government organisations. Other than offering locksmith services, they also supply and install various kinds of manual & digital locks, duplicating keys and car remotes. | FB: Guardian House of Locks & Security Systems

10) LS Locksmith Singapore

LS Locksmith Singapore

LS Locksmith Singapore boasts a team of highly-trained locksmiths, who are knowledgeable in dealing with different types of locks. That means they can fix the likes of door locks, digital locks and padlocks. Their services operate 24/7 as well, which particularly comes in handy for those who have trouble unlocking their apartment door, say, in the middle of the night. | FB: LSLocksmithSingapore

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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