Candles That Look Like They Can Be Eaten? Here’s Where to Find Them

Image Credit: Little Soap & Summerist Lab

If you love cute, pretty, and adorable things, then you would love these candles. And be warned, the words cute, pretty, adorable and all their synonyms will probably be repeated many times throughout this article. Well, we all know what candles do — they provide light and pleasant scents, they can be for used for stress relief and to create a calming atmosphere. Now with these candles in cute dessert shapes that might even be mistaken for the real thing, there are also a pleasure to your eyes.

Check out the list below to find 9 online shops where you can purchase these candles to add to your collection of adorable things!  

1. Sundaymoodyy

Looking for a cute and unique birthday present? At Sundaymoodyy, you can customise a candle cake to be gifted as a present. You can choose the decorations and also customised the words on the cake. And of course, they come in different scents that you can choose from. Other than cute candle cakes, they also sell waffles and tiny bears. For the Christmas season that just passed, they also had Christmas-themed candles.

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2. Candle Club by Pann

If your idea of relaxation is to light up a candle at the end of a tired day, the people behind Candle Club by Pann totally gets you. With the aim to provide their customers the best quality of candles, all their candles are handmade using 100% natural wax. They have candles that look like all kinds of desserts and food – waffles, cookies, cakes, pudding, and even bottles of jam! They were too adorable that I had to get my hands on one and I ended up with the cookie candle.

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3. Summerist.lab

All about dessert, scented candles and art, Summerist Lab also handmakes their candles and they make the most adorable cakes! Desserts may make you gain weight, but these candles won’t! Check out all the cake designs that are available – there are English vintage, love, Totoro, bear, macarons, and the most unique to my mind – the Penelope series. The cakes can also be customised with the name that you want.

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4. Little Soap

Candles at Little Soap stand out because of how realistic and creative they are – with mooncake candles and for the upcoming Chinese New Year, they are also selling tangerine and persimmon candles. You can also find pineapple cake and lucky cake candles! How ingenious is that? If you are looking for something different this CNY to gift to your family members, do check this place out. And for those planning a wedding and looking for door gifts, you can also consider their retro canned food candles where you can customise the wrappers accordingly.

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5. Clue1n X Scented Candle

Using 100% natural soy wax and bee wax, Clue1n X Scented Candle makes the sweetest and cutest candles that would just make you go ‘aww’. Apart from the cake candles, they also have cupcakes, ice-cream scoops, and waffle sandwiches – all in the prettiest pastel colours! With special care even in their packaging, anyone receiving these candles would be in for a delightful surprise.

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Image Credit: @clue1n

6. Là Candle

Take the time to see the magical moments in every day with the help of the charming candles from Là Candle. Apart from the usual desserts you can find at teatime, they also make very cute butter and egg on toast candles, caramel pudding candles and French macaron candles. When you purchase from them, not only are you getting yourself the most adorable candles ever but you will also be doing a good deed as 20% of the profits made by Là Candle goes to charity!

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7. Wicks and Quills Candles

Part bookish, part whimsical – you can tell where Wicks and Quills Candles get their inspiration from. With charmed candles that come with a sprinkle of fairy dust, you can find adorable Taiyaki candles and canelé candles among other sweet treats in their Shopee store. For the book lovers, although not shaped like desserts, they also have a Bookish Candle Series with candles that are appropriately named Midsummer’s Night Read and Just One More Chapter.

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Image Credit: @wicksandquills

8. Hanaoji.ato Florist

A one-tier cake is not big enough? Go for extravagance and extra sweetness with two or even three-tiered candle cakes at Hanaoji.ato.Candle! Handmade using 100% natural bee and soy wax imported from the US, some of their creations include 2-layer matcha cake scented candle and 3-layer strawberry scented candle. Other than desserts, you can also find instant noodle, croissant, and cream sandwich candles. The sky is the limit with how creative and cute the candles can get.

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Guys can be especially hard to shop for but if you are looking for a cute candle cake but still suitable to be gifted to a guy, consider the cinnamon candle cake at Of course, I’m not saying that guys can’t like cute pastel things, but this is an option that would make a unique gift too. Promising natural and toxic free ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, there a wide variety of candles for you to choose from here. Some that stood out to me are the bubble tea candle, the fried chicken candle, and the bear bread candle!

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