AirAsia Now Has A Traveller SIM; Roam In 15 Countries For RM30

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Sometimes when we travel a big hassle can be keeping in touch with others. It could be because we’re traveling in big groups or that we need to contact people back home. Relying on WiFi wherever we go is also not a very reliable method. Which is why getting a traveller SIM can be super convenient.

What’s A Traveller SIM?

Firstly, let’s be clear that a traveller SIM is only convenient for anyone going on trips to multiple countries. If you’re only travelling to and around one country then it might be cheaper to just purchase a local SIM card.

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However, going to multiple countries in one trip can be quite costly if you keep purchasing local SIM cards. Which is exactly why getting a traveller SIM is super convenient because you only pay once.

It also saves you the hassle of having to do research on the different local options and going to the shops. You will also only need to set it up on your phone once and be able to use it everywhere. It’s a convenient one time thing.

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There are a few of these types of SIM cards that are available for purchase both online and in store. Some popular ones include Flexiroam, Orange, and SIMOptions. But now, our very own AirAsia is offering travellers a great option!

AirAsia Roaming Packs

AirAsia is providing two different options which are the Red Pack and the Black Pack. Both are powered by TuneTalk and give travellers 7 days worth of 4GB high-speed data. The only difference is the countries that are being covered.

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For the Red Pack, you will be able to roam across countries such as Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, and even Saudi Arabia. It is available for RM30.

Meanwhile, the Black Pack provides you with data across 7 countries. These are China, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, India, South Korea, and Laos. This pack is double the price of the previous one, retailing at RM60. It’s not clear why there is a big difference in price.

Here is a list of telco partners that TuneTalk is partnering with in each country.

Setting It Up

So how do you set up the SIM card? Firstly you just insert the SIM card into your phone. Make sure that your APN setting is correctly set to TuneTalk and enable data roaming. Restart your phone and it will automatically connect to the telco provider of that country. Easy Peasy!

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Please note that these SIM cards are only meant for Data so you can’t make any calls or send a SMS. According to TuneTalk, the SIM packs are only available for purchase from KLIA2.

The Senai, Penang, and KK Airport outlets are only available for collection via Klook and online orders. You can visit the TuneTalk website to find out more information regarding the traveller SIM.