% ARABICA Coffee Will Be Coming To Malaysia And This Is So Exciting!

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Plenty of us love a good cup of coffee and have our place to get one that hits the spot. For some it’s the Kopitiam, while others might go to their favourite cafe. Sometimes it’s even just the closest Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Soon there will be a new spot in town which is % ARABICA Coffee! You should definitely put them on your list of must try’s and maybe one day it will be your new coffee spot.

Kenneth Shoji ARABICA
Image credit: en.goodcoffee.me

First let’s talk about what % ARABICA Coffee is. The company is the child of Kenneth Shoji who inherited his love of coffee from his parents. In fact, while growing up the family would attend the ‘World Esperanto Congress’ every summer.

After graduating and working with a trading company, Kenneth one day decided to bring his love for coffee one step further. Firstly he bought a coffee farm in Hawaii and started trading green beans from around the world.

Image credit: thecozycoffee.com

Next, he became the sole exporter of a Japanese roasting machine as well as the distributor of one of the best espresso machines in the world. With his foothold in the industry he decided to finally open up his own coffeeshop.

In a collaboration with world latte art champion Junichi Yamaguchi, they began a new generation of coffee. Together with architect Masaki Kato, Kenneth opened the flagship store in Kyoto, Japan.

Now, % ARABICA is located in several countries around the world bringing delicious coffee to customers. Recently on their Instagram account, they announced that they are on the hunt for locations in Malaysia! Specifically in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Based on their post, it seems that they are considering opening the KL store in Sentul Depot, Sentul West. Meanwhile in Penang it appears that they were scouting for a location in the Georgetown Heritage area.

% ARABICA prides themselves on providing prime quality coffee with unique taste profiles. Furthermore, their coffee has a richness that comes from freshly roasted coffee! The mission of the coffee company is to grow in unique lands and cultures around the world.

We can’t wait for them to open their stores in KL and Penang!