Agustavia Is A Badass And The First Female Fire Station Chief In Sabah

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Unfortunately, there are some jobs out there that tend to have less women in positions. Just think of jobs like construction workers, firefighters, and even engineers. It can be a bit demotivating for interested young girls as there aren’t many women to look up to. Luckily for us, Agustavia Joe Guasi is paving the way to fight fires.

So who is she? Well Agustavia is a 37-year old woman from Ranau, Sabah and she is a total badass.

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Firstly, she is from the batch of recruits in 2001 when Sabah first began their intake for women in the Fire and Rescue Department. She’s literally amongst the first few women to become firefighters in Sabah.

Furthermore, she has been a firefighter in Sabah for the past 18 years and has experience with both fires and floods. She was part of the Ops Gemba Bumi at Mount Kinabalu back in 2015 and the Beaufort flood in 2012.

Also, back in 2010 she underwent a training programme while six months pregnant! Training was required for her to be promoted from KB17 to KB29 and at the time she was six months along in her pregnancy.

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When asked if she wanted to go ahead with training or postpone, Agustavia decided to go through with it. After all, she would have a baby to take care of which would take up some time. The training programme lasted for three months and she took maternity leave as soon as it was over.

During training she had to enter forests, do compass exercises, and even map out coordinates. She did not let her pregnancy stop her from doing what she loves. Although being a firefighter wasn’t her first choice, she has grown to love her job. She says “it feels right with my soul.”

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Now, Agustavia has been promoted to Fire Station Chief of Lintas which also makes her the very first woman to hold this position! As Chief, she is responsible in ensuring that everyone under her command performs their duties according to procedure.

There will be plenty of encouragement and support from her state director, deputy director, and other station chiefs. But she is also aware of the sacrifices and knowledge that is necessary for the job. You go girl!