Adam Liaw; MasterChef Winner And Now Malaysian Food Series Host!

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During the Movement Control Order (MCO), many of us at home looked for new ways to entertain ourselves. This includes hopping on the Tik Tok bandwagon, making Dalgona coffee, and trying lots of new recipes. Because of this, many cooking YouTubers were gaining a large audience as everyone was searching for new recipes and techniques. And one such YouTuber is actually Penang born MasterChef winner Adam Liaw! Now, he will be producing and hosting a new show that features Malaysian food.

Who is Adam Liaw?

Adam Liaw in his kitchen
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Adam Liaw was born in Penang to a Malaysian-Chinese father and a Singaporean-English mother. At the age of three, the family moved to Adelaide, Australia and is still living there.

At one point, Adam was working as a corporate lawyer for The Walt Disney Company. However, his passion was cooking and he proved his skills by winning MasterChef back in 2010!

Adam Liaw crowned MasterChef 2010
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Since then, he is successfully running a company, Everyday Media, which he is director and secretary of. Additionally, he also writes regularly for Fairfax Media’s Good Food as well as The Guardian. Furthermore, he has published several cookbooks!

Adam Liaw’s Heritage Kitchen

Destination Flavour: Japan
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Moving on, this is not the first time that Adam Liaw is hosting a food-themed show. In fact, he is also known for hosting the Destination Flavour: Japan, Destination Flavour: Scandinavia, and Hidden Japan with Adam Liaw.

Now, he will be producing and hosting a new food series that will put the spotlight on Malaysian cuisine. The upcoming show is tentatively titled Adam Liaw’s Heritage Kitchen. However, the show name is still up for change as it is still in the pre-production stages.

Malaysian cuisine
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Whatever the name is, the show will promote Australia’s finest produce in cooking Malaysian dishes while showcasing scenic regions. Moreover, there will be personal stories of Australian producers and farmers.

The show is going to support the cultural connection between Australia and Malaysia. After all, the Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Department is awarding Adam with A$394,900 (RM1.18 million) to produce the show.

We are definitely excited to see how the show will turn it out and how Malaysian cuisine plays a role in Australia!