Will These Gen-Z Slangs Confuse You Or Do You Already Know Them All?

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Every generation tends to have their own dictionary of slang that they just knows. Most of the time, the older generation will scratch their heads and wonder “what’s wrong with kids these days?!”. Nobody officially defines these terms, rather they are just socially acceptable. Each one of us has grown up with specific terms that others our age will know. Do you know these Gen-Z slang terms or will they leave you scratching your head?

The Gen-Z Are Here!

Gen-Z Hype house
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While many people still argue over the specific years of birth, it is generally accepted that the Gen-Z are those who are born between 1995 – 2010. Many of us (yes, I’m one!) are now ages 10 to 25 so a lot of us are already online.

We are on social media consuming, creating, and sharing lots of content. Take for example YouTube and Tik Tok which are full of young content creators. In fact, Tik Tok is really booming in popularity now with lots of new and fresh content! Some of which might already be confusing to the older generation.

How Many Do You Know?

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Moving on, Mongabong is a popular Singaporean YouTuber who is considered to be a Millennial. However, her interns are definitely Gen-Z and have been using all sorts of interesting slang around her.

So she decided it was time to catch up with the slang of today’s kids with a little challenge. Her interns came up with a list of Gen-Z slangs and divided them into three categories based on difficulties. She then had to guess the meanings behind each term to win a point.

Try to test yourself and see how many you can get right!

To provide a quick summary, Gen-Z slang mostly consists of acronyms, phrases, different ways of spelling, and even sounds. We have words like mood, stan, clout, and lit. Meanwhile we also have phrases such as ‘it’s gucci’ and ‘and I oop’.

Yeah, some of these slangs are confusing and don’t seem to have any actual meaning. Don’t worry if you couldn’t get most of them right because even I was scratching my head at a few.